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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. I called for 'Let Love Down' to go but I did give it 8.4. It was just my second lowest score left. I do prefer Brown Eyes which is a 9, but it's definitely better than Again Again.
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  2. Oop, I might actually take that back, since the two aforementioned songs really are among her best ballads (I still consider "Let Love Down" better than both of them). And, yes, she really did refine her balladry really fast.
    I think "Angel Down" is my absolute favourite Gaga ballad.

    Yeah. All of the ballads being out before the top 10 is unfair.

    I'm hesitating to give a hint for the next elimination, since you're getting really good at guessing (@Laurence predicted several songs so far, including "Let Love Down"), so I'll just ask:
    Which song would you like to see leave before the top 10?
  3. It's unfortunate that it can't be both, but "Dirty Ice Cream" or "Retro-Physical" can go next. And hopefully the other goes right after.
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  4. Visual representation of the #11 song's leaderboard trajectory/performance:

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  5. Dirty Ice Cream can melt away.
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  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would like Out Of Control, um, out.
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  7. Me, forcing myself to press "like" on this post:


    (By the way, this has nothing to do with you - I just set a rule to myself that I must like each and every post in this thread as my duty and a "thank you" for maintaining the thread active. So, keep sharing these opinions!)
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  8. That's Cool. Sometimes I worry too much about what people think about my comments whereas most people on the forum couldn't care less. Edit - I need to be more like them.
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  9. I don't hate Out Of Control but I don't understand the love for it either. Especially when the full demo has never leaked... (or did it?)?
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  10. Will "Dirty Ice Cream" melt away, as @Laurence mentioned?

    Will "Out of Control" be out, as @MilesAngel said?

    Or will something else happen?
    (Will "Animal" die? Will "Second Time Around" not be around anymore? etc.)

    Find out tomorrow.

    (I'm sleepy, forgive me)

  11. Neither of these, please and thank you.
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  12. Second Time Around and Out of Control deserve top 5, maybe top 3. That's that on that.
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  13. A quick little hint before I post the next elimination:

  14. Oh, no. It'll be a Darkchild production?
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  15. [​IMG]

    ...but it's finally time to find out the top 10 of this rate.

    So, which song nearly made it to that spot?

    It's not indecision, just my female intuition...



    (artwork found online)

    Dirty Ice Cream

    Average score: 8.129

    Highest score:
    10 x 7 (@m_dimitrov, @Ana Raquel, @muddleddreams, @Music Is Life, @Seventeen Days, @yeRleDanaL, @Laurence)
    Lowest score: 5 x 1 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi)
    My score: 8.25

    High peak: #11 (34 voters)
    Low peak: #23 (6 voters, 14 voters)

    Poor Pre-Fame sessions. Losing eight songs between #20 and #11, that section is now down to one song, which represents its winner - "Retro-Physical" (which technically doesn't even belong to this section, but I'll talk about that later).
    The leaderboard performance of "Dirty Ice Cream" is a complete opposite of the one for "Lew Love Down" - it had a very clumsy start, not reaching top 20 until the 13th voter, stalling, before starting to gain at around the half voter-mark, and finally the very last voter pushing it to its high peak. Quite a journey, yet a pretty stagnant one ("Chromatica" teas).
    And condolences to @muddleddreams, who loses their third 10 in a row.

    "Dirty Ice Cream" was written in early 2007 by Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari (can't believe that this is probably the last time I'll be saying these names together in this rate) and was shortly posted on Gaga's MySpace on April 21st, 2007, before being removed. The song is among the rare ones to have an exact date assigned to them, implying that the song was recorded on that date. For "Dirty Ice Cream", that date is February 10th, 2007 and it refers to the demo version. As Gagapedia mentions, the song is partly dedicated to and/or inspired by her then-boyfriend Lüc Carl, and it's quite an interesting backstory:
    In an interview, Gaga revealed that the inspiration behind the song came from Lüc Carl, her ex-boyfriend. He told her that people going to bars in New York are like "dirty ice cream". They go to the bar and taste good the first time but became "dirty ice cream" the following times.
    I've never heard anything like that, but at least the odd idiom he used really appealed to her.
    The "stop calling" bit was re-used in the iconic "Telephone", which was the hint I mentioned.

    Also, Gaga performed the song as part of her Lollapalooza festival set on August 4th, 2007 with Lady Starlight, but only clips of that performance are available online (linked below).

    Oh, and there are two versions of the song, labelled as Demo and Final version (a.k.a. Mix 4). I didn't pay enough attention while compiling the playlist, and have included two same audio files with the final version (just because their title names were different), so the demo remained unheard by a lot of you. Sorry for that, but I've linked both versions down below.

    And while we're speaking of Lady Gaga and a song that mentions ice cream, I just can't help myself but share this story.
    Did you know that there was a Lady Gaga-inspired ice cream? Its background is even more interesting than that. Namely, there's an ice cream manufacturing company called The Licktators (um... okay), formerly known as The Icecreamists, which offered flavours with names like John Lemon, Marshmallow Law and General Custard etc. One of them is called Baby Gaga, made from human breast milk. It was launched in February or March 2011 and was the first ice cream flavour of its kind at the time. The name was inspired by our famous chanteuse, an the advertising was all about her:

    Waitress Laura Kellett (not Gaga!) scooping the controversial dessert

    The promo video with passerby tasting test:

    That guy saying: "It doesn't taste like breast milk!" * R.I.P. emoji *

    The promotional run was relatively well-received, though was very divisive, resulting in various threats.
    Wikipedia has more details:
    Personally speaking, I don't consider this as big as an issue as it was made to be, but as long as it's tested and confirmed 100% safe. I mean, it definitely stemmed as a gimmick/attention seeker more than anything else, but, hey, it payed off.

    Anyways, when Gaga found out about it, she almost sued the owner of the company for using her name without approval.
    Again, Wikipedia offers the full tea:
    Here's how the replacement package looked like:

    A dodgy name replaced with another dodgy name.

    As an overview of this story, I think this ice cream flavour has quite an amount of similarities with Lady Gaga - it started out surrounded by gimmicks, has a famous music-related inspired name and quickly became controversial and divisive among public. Now I'm interested to hear what are your thoughts on all of this?
    I think Gaga should've surprise-released "Dirty Ice Cream" for that occasion, just for the laughs.

    Okay, now that I have blessed you with all that useful information, let's talk about the song.

    "Dirty Ice Cream" is an infectious, retro-inspired tune and it could've easily appeared on "The Fame" as a bonus track, but I guess it was excluded because "Disco Heaven" (which is slightly better, in my opinion), made the cut instead. The lyrics were already covered earlier in the write-up, with her taking on the boyfriend-suggested idiom theme in a Gaga-esque way. The song is quite 80s in terms of sound and production, and has a lot of bleepy, squelchy synths which are interestingly used and give the song its own stamp, along with the drum pattern that is very reminiscent of that decade. The middle-8, with the repetitive "DON'T BE..." shouts is a typical Gaga moment for that era and enjoyable in a way. However, my favourite part is the chorus - I just love how she sounds during it and the melody is very memorable and so melodically pleasing. Compared to the demo, the final version ditches the sparkly (fake?) guitar and has a vocal intro added, as well as a more refined and HQ sound. I'm certainly more keen on the final version.
    As much as a bop this song is, there's something lacking a bit here and I can't really pinpoint it. I guess it just isn't effective enough melodically for me. Anyways, when I listen to it, there's not a chance I'm skipping this. A dancefloor tune with a quirky twist.

    I think that, out of the remaining songs, this should've made the top 10, but am not mad it left, either, as it's not in my personal top 10 of this rate.

    The commentary is mostly positive.

    Starting with @yeRleDanaL (10), who points out why the song is loved: "That disco vibe. So good. A really infectious track as a whole." and @berserkboi (9.5) is on the same page: "This is an awesome bop, that unrelentingly keeps giving!", and also makes an assumption: "A PopTarts 12 in a Song Contest if Gaga never made it as the star she is today!" We should ask @iheartpoptarts if this really is a 12-worthy PJ00s song for her.

    @M24 (8.25) gives it the exact same score as me and says: "It's grown on me. It's not so bad." That's actually a great score, considering the comment. @pop3blow2 (7.6) has a @berserkboi syndrome (i.e. has issues with Gaga's quirky vocals) and says: "I like the track here, but not really feeling her vocal."
    @Crisp X (8.5) thinks that: "With more fleshed out production, I could see it become a minor hit at the time." Hmm... interesting. I can understand why, though.

    However, @CorgiCorgiCorgi (5) had issues with it, saying: "Can't read this song's title without getting hit by the most unpleasant mouthfeel…" I hope you didn't rate it based on its title, though. Are you up for a Baby Gaga ice cream instead?

    Some of you were very familiar with this song, like @spaceship (8), who says: "I had this on my first iPod so I'm really attached to this one." Similarly, @Pat (8.5) calls it: "A really fun track." and adds: This would be an outtake I would go back to first from time to time." However, @Seventeen Days (10) made a discovery: "Okay, this is a damned bop and I am quite pleasantly surprised that I haven’t heard it before." Glad you liked it so much!

    @DominoDancing (7.5) says: "That short vocal intro sounds like it's from a late 90s girl group song, but the song that follows is closer to Fame-Ga than most of the other demos until now. Wouldn't have been a standout on The Fame, but it's cute." I agree that it's closer to what appeared on "The Fame". @Laurence (10) is a fan: "Love this song. It's so laid back and got that Beautiful Dirty Rich vibe. I am jamming. Loves it. Great lyrics, lovely production. Yup, a good one. Nice outro too, works really good." Great production certainly makes it stand out. And @Music Is Life (10) is certainly happy with this song: "Ooooo yes another proper bop! Extremely catchy too, I wouldn’t have been mad if this made The Fame." Good to you liked it, but I still can't fathom that this is your second 10 to leave the rate...

    Mr. know-it-all when it comes to Gaga's unreleased songs, @DinahLee (7) (I'm just kidding, dear), pairs it with another song: "Dirty Ice Cream and Blueberry Kisses belong together in my head, not sure why. Maybe the Lollapalooza Set. I also just realized this one was about Luc Carl and now there’s a huge puzzle inside my head since it is a Rob Fusari song. I’m not sure if we are allowed to discuss this type of stuff here though so… let’s keep it going nn." No, let's get messy. If available, give us some more tea, please.

    Demo version:

    Final version:

    Next up: A different section takes a hit, for a change.
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  16. TOP 10:



    Nothing On (But the Radio)


    Out of Control

    Second Time Around



    No Way

    Brooklyn Nights

    The absolute domination of "The Fame Monster" sessions section. I wasn't kidding when I mentioned that a certain section was pretty much demolishing the competition in one of the leaderboard teas. While the other remaining sections are holding by the skin of their teeth with one remaining song each, this section not only managed to go completely unscathed for the last 10 eliminations and maintain 70% (7/10) of its songs, which is really impressive, but also took seven out of ten spots in the final top 10 .
    But how many songs will it lose before the top 5? How many sections (if any) are we going to lose until that milestone? Will there be any surprises and shock eliminations?

    Stay tuned!


  17. Ideally, the Top 5 would all be from The Fame Monster era, although I wouldn't be mad if "Fashion" made the Top 5 either.

    Here's to hoping that "Retro-Physical" and "Brooklyn Nights" are No. 9 and 10, although I'm sure that the latter will make it further, and that my 11 is No. 1.
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  18. Also, you could've predicted that three songs that are either "Vanity", "Let Love Down", "Dirty Ice Cream" or "Retro-Physical" were on the chopping block after "Stache" was eliminated, since I mentioned this in the top 15 recap:

    This, however, implies that "Retro-Physical" is safe and isn't eliminated at #10.
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  19. NAWT the IceCream company reading Stefani like that. "pointed out the fact that she took her stage name from a song that she did not have a trademark for."

    I find the timeline funny because it took me a long time to realize that many Gaga-Fusari songs were about Luc but she also dated Fusari and some other songs were probably about him too? Gagapedia mentions she met Luc in 2005.

    She probably dated Fusari around 2006-07 since main of their songs together sprung from this period. But she was also back with Luc when she started to blow up and kept going on-off til 2011. It felt very random dd.


    The top10 looks lovely apart from Brooklyn Nights and actually didn't expect some of them to be there.

    #9 will be either Earthquake or Brooklyn Nights, isn't it?
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  20. ok i want ice cream now?
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