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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. You like Dalida, and you want to run a Supremes Rate??? Where have you been all my life???

    (You could probably run a Supremes Singles Rate and get a ton of voters, just go into the Rate Queue Thread and put your name down! I'll know to tag you if I ever run a Part 2 to the Dalida Rate, since there is so much material I did not cover in the first one!)
  2. After another break (partially due to my dog giving birth to three puppies yesterday), let's see which song is leaving just before the top 5.


    Off the wall, get your ass,

    off the wall, throw that girl...





    Average score: 8.472

    Highest scores:
    11 x 2 (@DinahLee, @Seventeen Days), 10 x 6 (@m_dimitrov, @VitaminBee, @Sprockrooster, @yeRleDanaL, @myblood, @Laurence)
    Lowest score: 6 x 5 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @SyPOPhantic, @spaceship, @abael, @TéléDex)
    My score: 8.5

    High peak: #5 (18 voters)
    Low peak: #15 (6 voters)

    And we eliminate the final Pre-Fame sessions* song and, obviously, say goodbye to that section, too. Despite being called for recently (mostly by @elektroxx), "Retro-Physical" is another song that managed to not get any sub-6 scores and get to the top 5 placement for a moment. What it benefited from is not only the it received multiple 11's, but also a lot of scores between 8 and 10, meaning it's one of the most consistently scored songs. And, trust me, it was very stable, maintaining the #6 position for the last 15 voters (since it first reached that spot at 20 voters), with only one small and brief dip to #7, at the 26 voters mark.

    *Now, this is where I messed up: "Retro-Physical" was not written by Rob Fusari
    , which means it technically belongs to "The Fame" sessions section, which in return means that "Dirty Ice Cream" is the 'correct' winner of Pre-Fame section. To be honest, I was pulling my hair out after realizing that halfway through the voting period, but didn't say anything until now. Honestly, I don't know why I was so certain that this song was a Team Love Child product. Maybe it's the lyrics or something. In the case I caught this mistake earlier, it could've easily swapped places with "Oh Baby" or "Filthy Pop" on the song list, since I'm not 100% sure whether those two were written before or after she had 'the fame' concept in mind. In the end, I decided to count "Retro-Physical" among the Pre-Fame section, since it would be too much work to swap it with another song so late, because the voting had already started.

    Anyways, "Retro-Physical" was actually written in 2007 by Lady Gaga and produced by Noize Trip, a duo who never worked again with Gaga again (and barely have anything vaguely notable among their production repertoire in general, besides this remix of P!nk's "Stupid Girls"). I presume this was made during the period when Rob Fusari started introducing her to different producers, but certainly before she met RedOne and other "big" producers. In late 2008, the footage of Lady Gaga and Noize Trip was posted online, causing people to create a snippet, which became made available on YouTube (linked all the way below). Later, in 2009, Gaga was asked if she'll ever release the song, to what she replied something along the lines of: "It's too old and out already", making me think she wasn't aware the only a snippet of the song surfaced. Eventually, the song was put on sale on eBay on January 27, 2010, appearing on some random fan-made copy of "Words" EP, with the first bid being over £450(!) before the item being taken down. Luckily, the song leaked in full the following day, but with tags, which were later removed. There are now two known versions of the song: demo and "final" version (which sound very similar to me).

    What can I say about the song itself? It's a fun, carefree, very Gaga-esque bop that will surely get into your ears and remain there. The intro with male vocals sets the tone for this club-ish tune and slightly disorienting, but very 00's beats. The verses are delivered in her distinctively talk/singing fashion (which I'm not always keen on) and while the chorus does sound a bit underwhelming at first, following those incredibly cute pre-choruses, it is catchy enough to quickly resonate with the listener. But the middle-8 is definitely its crowning glory - magnificent! Gaga melodic heaven which immediately rings a bell to fantastic hooks found on "Paparazzi" and "Judas". I'm pretty sure she re-used this melody for those two songs, actually.

    As for the lyrics, well... they are certainly Gaga's creation, that's for sure. Yeah, it's that typical Gaga nonsense, but she completely owns it and has a lot of content for her dictionary. I mean, between "Hold that lady tighter / Shoot that bullet through her" couplet, "garage team" dance and the mentions of killers and blond bunnies who dance for money, you really can't choose a more iconic moment of the song from that point of view. All in all, the song very much resembles its Pre-Fame peers, and kind of makes sense why I effed up and painstakingly put it among them.

    Anyways, with "Retro-Physical" nearly missing the top 5, I can't be mad, since this isn't even among my top 10 Gaga unreleased songs and is my of my joint lowest remaining score at this point.

    The commentary contains a lot of positivity, obviously.

    Despite hating a certain part, @VitaminBee (10) is giving this song full marks: "I truly hate the opening "(We're gonna grab the mics and get 'em off The walls so everybody in here can stop snorin')" The rest is an enjoyable listen. Again, I wish there was a HQ version of it somewhere." Someone who loves it all is @Laurence (10). He says: "I love this song too. It's just, how to say it? I dunno but it's a beast. I remember this snippet leaking and wish it leaked which it did. So glad. It's a banger. I like the chorus a lot too and that middle eight is glorious. Final version sounds so good." And here I am, still trying to hear a more significant difference between the 'demo' and 'final' version.

    More PJ song contests references from @berserkboi (8.5), who rates the demo version and says: "I love Gaga trying to fit into PJ Retro even though she is timeframe ineligible! Dddd A lot of themes found here would make it to her eventual debut so I am kinda stanning that it might fit well in The Fame!" Yeah, it does go well with "The Fame" (bonus) tracks. And you're currently hosting PJ Retro, haha!

    Obviously, @yeRleDanaL (10) loved this one, saying: "That bridge is so good it propels this right to a 10, PERIODT." and I'm in agreement that the middle-8 is certainly the best part of the song. Someone who also mentions that part is @Crisp X (8):
    "Hmm the bridge sounds a lot like Judas?" Yeah, it does, but I thought it sounds more like "Paparazzi" when first listening to it (both are 10/10 songs, so it's no wonder I adore the middle-8).

    @Pat (9) clocks my mistake: "The OG ‘Out Of Control’, I remember being so happy when this leaked in full back in the day, because we only had a snippet from a studio video of it. One of my favorites unreleased songs. But it isn’t produced by Rob Fusari right?" No it isn't. and I still wonder how the heck did I miss that at first...
    Being among the lowest scorers, @SyPOPhantic (6) isn't completely keen on this song:
    "The verses are clunky but I enjoy the choruses!", but @AshtrayHeart (9.5) loves it and wishes that: "there was a better mix of this!" I'm sure many would agree with that. But, it's a demo, so it is what it is.

    Dancing for the garage team, @DominoDancing (8.5) says:
    "This is a bop. Probably my favourite demo up until now." and @M24 (9.75) literally has the same commentary: "Think this one's my favorite for now… I bop! "Against the wall, retrophysical"!" , while @Music Is Life (9.5) is joining them when it comes to bopping: "This is something I would love to dance and jam and sing to. A whole lot of fun. It is crazy how high quality some of these unreleased songs are." Yep, and you only gave four perfect scores in this rate?!

    Let's give the final word to the biggest fans of "Retro-Physical". @DinahLee (11) only has praise for this:
    "I think the reason it took to long to complete this was because I felt so unsure of what song I’d give an 11. Retro Physical is fantastic, from the video footage of Stefani in Studio to that gorgeous bridge that’s probably only behind Heavy Metal Lover. I don’t think I’ve ever played this song without smiling and thinking about how it exhales happiness. And I mean what the hell does “Retro Physical” means??? Exactly. I remember reading a rumor that this one was meant to be a lead single for the “Def Jam” record. For sure it’s probably just a stupid rumor. But out of all the songs that we have, the only thing I’d accept to replace Just Dance… would be this one."

    The second 11-giver is @Seventeen Days, who explains their choice:
    "My all-time favorite of all the unreleased Gaga tracks. That beat. The way she wavers between her super strong natural voice and that ‘cutesy’ voice she used a lot during this era. But most of all, the line “My heart beats just like a cherry soda in the summer”. That line is up there as one of my favorite lyrics she’s ever written."
    Ooh, the charm of Gaga-isms.

    "There are killers and blonde bunnies, they dance for money..."

    And here's that clip (actually, two clips combined) of Gaga bopping to "Retro-Physical" in the studio and getting high on hairspray:

    Next up: More 11's will fall...

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  3. [​IMG]

    2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    Average score: 7.055

    Rank: 3rd (out of 7)

    6. Retro-Physical
    11. Dirty Ice Cream
    12. Let Love Down
    13. Vanity
    15. Rockshow
    16. Glitter and Grease
    18. Wonderful
    19. Fever
    20. Trigger
    21. Love Sick Girl/Yay Ha
    29. Spin U Around
    30. Oh Well
    32. Sexy Ugly
    35. Kandy Life
    36. Shake Your Kitty
    39. Retrosexual
    40. Reel Cool
    44. Blueberry Kisses
    46. Fancy Pants
    49. Ribbons
    52. We Are Plastic (Melt In the Summer)
    55. When She Go/Go, Go, Go

    Highest averages per voter:
    8.500 - @yeRleDanaL
    8.500 - @m_dimitrov
    8.277 - @pop3blow2
    7.841 - @Music Is Life
    7.772 - @muddleddreams

    Lowest averages per voter:
    5.500 - @sesita
    5.795 - @SyPOPhantic
    5.818 - @abael
    6.341 - @AshtrayHeart
    6.420 - @VitaminBee

  4. Also, if I did this:
    to "Retro-Physical" and removed it from the section, the average score of Pre-Fame section would've been around 6.987 - the decline!

    And this is what I wanted to put as a hint to "Retro-Physical", but thought it would've been too obvious.


  5. TOP 5:


    Nothing On (But the Radio)

    Second Time Around

    No Way

    Brooklyn Nights

    We're nearing the end. It's been a while, huh? Actually, it's been exactly 5 months since I did the first elimination. That's... a lot.
    Can you predict the medalists? The winner? What does your ideal top 5 look like? I'd like to know.
  6. Ideally, the Top 5 will be:

    5. "Brooklyn Nights,"
    4. "No Way,"
    3. "Fashion,"
    2. "Second Time Around,"
    1. "Nothing On (But The Radio)."​

    I do think that that'll be unlikely though and "Brooklyn Nights" most likely will make the Top 3.
    Congratulations on the new puppies! That's so exciting.
    Every time I make my mind up about something, I have to state it multiple times in hopes of manifesting it, haha. Ironically, I never end up being the lowest scorers of any of the songs that I'm very vocal about wanting to see eliminated.
  7. I think I had a participated, RetroPhysical would've been my 11.
    That was like the original Out of Control, the song we all wanted.

    I would place the remaining of the Top 5 as
    5. Fashion
    4. Second Time Around
    3. No Way
    ... 2 and 1 are kind of a toss up.
    But I see Brooklyn Nights get a lot more love these days so i'd say
    2. Nothing On
    1. Brooklyn Nights

    I'm actually surprised Fashion is still in there? Do y'all like it that much?
    Same for Second Time Around. It's cute but I feel like she's got cuter. I'm curious to read people's writeups about it.
  8. I've been thinking Nothing On will win since my first listen, let's see if I am eventually right!

    How funny, Retro-Physical having its elimination while I am hosting PJ Retro, with a Retro reference in the commentary!

    Also - congrats on the puppies @Maki!! We will need pictures! :D
  9. A bit of a roller coaster on the way here, but the top five is very *Oprah-shrug.gif* in a good way. They’re the five songs in her unreleased collection I come back to most 10 years later.

    I’m gonna guess:

    5. No Way
    4. Fashion
    3. Brooklyn Nights
    2. Second Time Around
    1. Nothing On (But The Radio)
  10. The way I was just going mental trying to write all my commentary and not missing the deadline ddd.

    "Maki mentioned you" already spoiled it and broke my heart but this song just made a really long way. I NEVER expected it to be almost top5 over songs like Out Of Control and Animal but yes over Brooklyn Nights and Second Time Around. It's just pure Joy.

    Seeing my 11 going so far especially after my 11 being the first cut from Madge Rate *wink*... I said that's my baby and I'm proud.
    And @Seventeen Days ? TASTE, sis!
  11. Brooklyn Nights and Nothing On are consistently one of the fanbases most brought up unreleased songs, I can't imagine them not getting in the top 2 honestly.
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  12. We need to say goodbye to No Way and Second Time Around
  13. Haha, thank you! Yeah, the pictures are surely in line. In fact, I already snapped a few, but they are a bit blurry because of the puppies' constant movement.

    I forgot to mention that Pre-Fame sessions is the only section which has at least one song in each "tens" of eliminations (i.e. top 50, 40 and so on) which wouldn't have been the case if I assigned "Retro-Physical" to the correct section. And it certainly makes sense, since it contains by far the greatest amount of songs.

    The top 5's on display are interesting... I'll share how the top 5 10 looked like at different voter marks in a bit.

    Last edited: Sep 8, 2020
  14. Let's take a look at how the top 10 changed depending on the number of voters (of course I didn't specify the songs that ended up in the top 5, but I'll do that after the winner is revealed).

    5 voters:
    1. ???
    2. Out of Control
    3. ???
    4. Vanity / ??? (tie)
    6. Fooled Me Again / Let Love Down / ??? / Animal (tie)
    10. Reloaded

    10 voters:
    1. ???
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. ???
    5. Reloaded
    6. ???
    7. Let Love Down
    8. Animal
    9. Retro-Physical
    10. Out of Control

    15 voters:
    1. ???
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. ???
    5. ???
    6. Reloaded
    7. Let Love Down
    8. Retro-Physical
    9. Animal
    10. Fooled Me Again

    20 voters:

    1. ???
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. ???
    5. ???
    6. Retro-Physical
    7. Animal
    8. Reloaded
    9. Let Love Down
    10. Earthquake

    25 voters:

    1. ???
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. ???
    5. ???
    6. Retro-Physical
    7. Let Love Down
    8. Animal
    9. Reloaded
    10. Earthquake

    30 voters:

    1. ???
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. ???
    5. ???
    6. Retro-Physical
    7. Reloaded
    8. Animal
    9. Earthquake
    10. Out of Control

    34 (all) voters:
    1. ???
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. ???
    5. ???
    6. Retro-Physical
    7. Animal
    8. Reloaded
    9. Out of Control
    10. Earthquake

    As you can see, not much changed in the top 5, which justifies their fan-favourite status, but the rest of the top 10 was changing quite a bit, until finally settling on the 10 songs (but not their positions) and remaining that way until the end. And poor "Let Love Down"...
  15. I love that "Animal" remained in the Top 10 throughout the entirety of the voting process. It's a shame that it never made it higher than No. 6 though.
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  16. Retro-Physical - 9. I really like the backing track of the verses and the middle eight is great. Listening to it now I could have thrown it a few more decimals.
  17. There's one song in the Top 5 that is definitely below the others but I still gave it a good score. I have 2 10's and my 11 left in, but the other song is very close at 9.8.
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  18. I actually did, as per this:
    The stats I posted are just cut-offs for every 5 voters, so it may seem like some songs never reached the top 5, despite doing so in between the cut-offs.
  19. You actually have one of the highest average scores for the remaining five songs.

    My remaining scores are:

    I can reveal that either my lowest or my highest remaining score is going to win, so...
  20. Just worked out that my average for the remaining is 10! It's interesting because I may have been one of the harshest scorers for the rate overall.
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