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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. yes !
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  2. Let's find out the medalists, shall we?

    But first the song at #4, just fraction of a point away from bronze medal.

    It's bad news for @Holly Something...

    I saw a shadow, and I knew that it wasn’t mine...



    No Way

    Average score: 8.806

    Highest score:
    10 x 12 (@SyPOPhantic, @Phonetics Boy, @elektroxx, @yeRleDanaL, @HEARTCORE, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @AshtrayHeart, @muddleddreams, @spaceship, @abael, @Markus1981, @Laurence)
    Lowest score: 7 x 5 (@berserkboi, @Sprockrooster, @KYLE, @Ana Raquel, @DominoDancing)
    My score: 9.5

    High peak: #3 (13-15 voters, 17 voters)
    Low peak: #10 (9 voters)

    Finishing in the unlucky 4th place, "No Way" bows out, leaving "The Fame Monster" sessions section with only one song, in comparison to seven that have reached the top 10. "No Way" is the most consistently scored song in the rate, as there are no differences between the highest and lowest score lesser than a 3 (10 - 7 in this case), and also the longest lasting song that hasn't received any 11's. Impressive. And even though the lack of 11's made it dip below the top 5 several times, it managed to remain secure in there ever since we hit 10 voters. Impressive x2.

    "No Way" was written by Lady Gaga and Fernando Garibay in mid or late 2008, for Interscope artists. Allegedly, this song was offered to numerous artists, including as huge as Britney Spears and Beyoncé, but never found its home and remained unreleased, unfortunately. When the song leaked, Garibay responded "we're saving that one for the future." Okay, if "future" is the equivalent of Sugababes' "soon", then we may have some hope for its release. Also, Gaga and Garibay worked on Britney's song "Quicksand" around this time, which was released as a bonus track at certain European deluxe editions of her sixth album "Circus", but we only have snippets of Gaga's version of that song (as spotlighted in this post). "Quicksand" actually shares a lot of similarities with "No Way", especially when it comes to production, which makes me think both songs stemmed from the same session in summer/autumn of 2008 (and also why Britney's label declined the superior song out of the two).
    And Gagapedia tells us one misconception about this song:
    There are never enough of Gaga-related rumors, so it's no wonder that pretty much every unreleased track has one. Anyways, that's all we know about this song's background.

    I didn't even notice how many similarities there are between "No Way" and "Second Time Around" until very recently. First of all, both songs depict a sad love story/break-up in different ways - the former being more direct and the latter having a more sweet, sentimental approach. Also, both songs have R&B influences, but "No Way" noticeably has more of a pop affinity. With a slightly disorienting production, filled with random TV static noises, echoes, and flickering synths and beats, Garibay gives us a hint of what's about to be expected on "The Fame Monster" and "Born This Way". Speaking of those albums, "No Way" is probably the only song from "The Fame Monster" sessions section that would actually fit the album in my opinion, at least sonically. It carries the similar dark vibe found on it, especially "Dance in the Dark", but the lyrics are not essential for the album, so it could've easily been released as a bonus track or something. Either way, this song is quite unique when it comes to her unreleased material. With Gaga dominating the melody throughout the song (my preference being the verses), starting with an uttered "Happy ending..." (which I couldn't decipher before checking the lyrics), followed by a strong opening line "I saw a shadow, and I knew that it wasn’t mine" and slowly progressing from a ballad to a mid/up-tempo breakup anthem. The incredibly catchy "No wa-ay-ay-ay" hook is pure earworm craft and manages to pull in even the stubborn listener who was immune to what preceded it. The lyrics are self-explanatory: Gaga discovers her partner is with another one and is passionate about leaving them for good, while burying that cheater a few feet deeper with every line she sings, before ending it with a delicately sung 'no way' that is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

    And can we take a moment to appreciate the middle-8. The couplet: "You can take the dinner left over from last night / I made you your favorite goodbye" is that kiss-off middle finger goodbye in the most polite way and it's so witty, effective and delicious.

    Maybe I should've given "No Way" a 10 in this rate...

    It's expected that the praise is strongly present among the commentary, since everyone at least liked this song, according to the scores.

    @elektroxx (10) is bringing back the love for "Second Time Around" here, saying: "I really enjoy Gaga's more rnb-lite material. This slaps." However, no everyone was completely swept away by it. @berserkboi (7) calls it "Nice enough!", which seems to be something that @DominoDancing (7) expresses in a more elaborate way: "Fine, but a melody and chorus I've heard a million times before and after." Hmm. I can kind of understand what you mean, but, going by that logic, almost all of Gaga's hits (and other songs with catchy hooks) have something 'heard a million times before', which I disagree with.

    Pointing out Garibay's unique approach, @pop3blow2 (8.5) says: "I like the production ideas & the verses… the chorus is kinda underwhelming." However, @AshtrayHeart (10) "Again, this should have been on the album with a bit more work. The Fame Monster could have been 10 tracks!" Honestly, I struggle seeing pretty much any of this era's outtakes on the actual album, but this one is actually the only one could pass as a bonus track on it.

    Time didn't serve this song justice for @Pat (7.5), as he says: "I think this used to be one of my favourite outtakes, but this feels really dated now.", while @Untouchable Ace (8.1) calls it "So sombre." and I'm not 100% sure if it was meant as a positive or not.
    Highlighting the lyrics, @M24 (8.5) thinks that: "It's a great ballad, Gaga sings this one with a lot of emotion. I guess it's all based on a true story about one of her boyfriends, given how specific the lyrics are?" Maybe they are or maybe Gaga is just a damn good and convincing songwriter.
    @VitaminBee (9) basically sums up our thoughts of all songs in the entire rate: "I would love to hear some of these demos/unreleased songs finished because they sound kind of cheap in their current state but could turn into really great tracks if they ever were finished as there's a lot of potential to some of these tracks." Indeed. I'm so greedy I want five versions of each Gaga unreleased song that was recorded in studio.

    @Phonetics Boy (10) is bringing us a #throwback corner: "I remember randomly coming across this while pirating The Fame Monster album tracks and loving it in all its basic glory. Simpler times." Woo, the amount of times I pirated games (but not music, since I mostly listened to France Gall). P.S: I've never used torrent, so I guess I won't be facing any charges.

    After the throwback corner, there's also the emotional corner:
    Starting with @Laurence (10), who adores this song and says: "This is beautiful too. Imagine breaking up with your boyfriend and just the whole scene. I love this. A big ass bold 10. Lovely chorus and bridge too again." and @DinahLee (10) certainly resonates with that: "This song is fantastic. It’s just one of these things that are so well elaborated that you wonder how tf did someone think of it??"
    Leaving it to @yeRleDanaL (10), with the best possible way to close this write-up: "Another heartbreaking song. She really tells the story here. I again love the piano and electronic mix here. Chorus is super strong and emotional. I love the "AY-E-AY-E-AY-E-AY-HEY." I love how the bridge is just her snatching this trashbag ass man bald. QUEEN."
    Love this comment!

    "And if you're wondering if I'm staying, the answer is: no way..."

    Next up: Breaking into the top 3 to see which section will leave next.

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  3. So, there you have it - your three medalists. Any surprises?
    But there's only one winner. Which one could it be...

    By the way, I love how three remaining songs each represent a different section.

  4. @Maki - can I trouble you for what my average score is for this Top 3? I feel like I am vastly in the corner of one track here (as it seems the only one I can remember the tune of when looking at the Song Title), but I'd like to know if I felt affection for anything else when I sent my ballot! :D
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  5. Funny you wonder that, since your average score for the top 3 is...

  6. Wow! Suddenly distributing my low scores evenly made a difference the the Top - I endorse!!! I shall listen to the other two later and advise which team I am! :D
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  7. Found the sample:

  8. what the FUCK, this should've been #2!!!!!!
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  9. Y'all WRONG for this...i'm waiting for the "what could've been" section hihi.
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  10. LOVE her vocals in this SO mUCH that nasal tone YAS! but i just want to know what she's wailing about in the background of the chorus it's so funny to me.
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  11. Do y'all like Fashion that much?
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. From what was left the best top 3. We just needed Reloaded to win this. So now I am team Fashion. But not hurt if any other wins.
  14. No Way - 9.8. There are one or two moments that took from it being a 10 but an amazing song with a great chorus melody. It's a shame we didn't get a version with cleaned up production.
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  15. This is MY HOUSE and I won't ALLOW the DISRESPECT !

    No Way is a great song. I ALMOST put this in the Madonna Thread instead of here and my heart skipped a beat.
    This top3 is very... interesting.
  16. I never expected Fashion to do this well actually? Second Time Around, Brooklyn Nights and Nothing On (But The Radio) is what I expected a clear top 3. No Way is cute too, definitely top 10 but top 5 is tew much. Animal, Reloaded and Out of Control could have been higher, but it's a snippet so. Ah well.
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  17. "Animal" should've won this and I'm still salty about its elimination.
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  18. Sorry for yet another delay, but, you guessed it, exams.

    But, I found a way to (hopefully) make up for that.
    As promised to @berserkboi, regarding our new family members, I present you...



    Age: 7
    Breed: Jack Russell terrier mix
    Status: mother
    Strong point: amazing guard, despite the small size
    Main occupation: sneaking into the neighbour's garden, scaring away cats and other creatures




    Age: 5
    Breed: medium poodle
    Status: father
    Strong point: smart to the point we wonder if he's actually a human hiding in a costume
    Main occupation: FOOD


    (two boys, one girl)


    Dona is such an incredible and caring mother and barely lets anyone come close to the puppies. She already had two puppies earlier this year, but both of them died (one of them being born dead) and carried some plastic thingy for a month instead, pretending it's her baby. Since this was her last chance to become a parent, she should be sterilized soon.
    Leo, on the other hand, doesn't even know he's a father of three and is worryingly looking at Dona's house, knowing that something is going on. We're not letting him near her for the next a week or so.
    Fun fact: Male dogs actually have no idea who their puppies are - they just get used to them as any other dogs.

    The puppies are almost two weeks old now and are about to open their eyes, start walking and become the cutest little creatures.

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  19. This is so wonderful!!! Thanks for updating us @Maki - they are perfection!! How sad for Dona about her previous babies though :(
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