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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

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Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. I am so sorry. I just have no time. That explains also why I am behind on my schedule for my own rate ddd.
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  2. Thanks for the responses - the runner-up will be revealed first. I think that's the right choice for multiple reasons, too.

    No worries at all, I completely understand you're busy with your own rate, so there's absolutely no need to apologize.
  3. Babacar, Azima and Ella

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  4. How haven't I thought of this earlier? Excellent idea!

    Though I think the one we plan on keeping is going to be named Charlie, because, you know, it's a bit more of a convenient name for a dog. Tony and Zoe are in contention for the other two, just so we can distinguish them before they are officially named by their future owners.
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  5. I'm making a bold statement here...

    Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate should reveal its winner in about

    24 HOURS

    It's down to:


    Two superfinalists. One winner. Which one it is will be known at around this time tomorrow.
  6. I have a list with some of my guesses I'll try to get to you in the next day or two.
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  7. Wait. I just realized that tomorrow marks exactly six months since the eliminations began.


    In reality, this made me put into perspective how long the eliminations have actually been going and how many delays I've made. Yikes.

    But will I extend the finale for another 12 hours just because of that milestone? We'll see... ​
  8. Okay, turns out that it's the correct date now, since midnight has passed, so I think we'll find out the winner in an hour or so.

    Stay tuned!

  9. [​IMG]
  10. It's time.

    After six months, out of 60 songs spread across nine years, and 34 voters, only one song made it to the very top.

    We're about to find out which song is the winner of Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate.

    Is it a signature Gaga banger?

    Or is it perhaps an electropop ballad?

    One is complex and touching.

    The other is simple yet effective.

    Who's going to win?

    And I'm tuned into your station tonight...

    It's just that I can't watch us bleed to death...

    Get here and I'll make it worth your while...


    Falling asleep in our tears...


    The runner-up is...


    (artwork found online)

    Brooklyn Nights

    Average score: 8.893

    Highest scores: 11 x 5
    (@Phonetics Boy, @AllGagaLike, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @muddleddreams, @Pat), 10 x 9 (@m_dimitrov, @yeRleDanaL, @berserkboi, @VitaminBee, @Sprockrooster, @Laurence, @HEARTCORE, @MilesAngel, @Seventeen Days)
    Lowest score: 5 x 1 (@spaceship)
    My score: 8.5

    High peak: #2 (6-28 voters, 34 voters)
    Low peak: #6 (5 voters)

    Falling at the final hurdle before the #1 spot, it's "Brooklyn Nights", which takes the silver medal along the way. Despite the unconvincing start at #6 with 5 voters, ever since that point it was the runner-up, pretty much throughout the voting, except from a stumble when "Fashion" overtook it near the end, and these two swapping places with the very last voter. It nearly missed the final, you see. Anyways, it never hit the top spot. The display of 11's is great, but the amount of 10's is what caused it to fight for the runner-up position (it received less 10's than "No Way" and "Fashion"). And, obviously, "Brooklyn Nights" is the song which did the heavy lifting for the "ARTPOP" sessions section.

    Wish I could say it was a close fight for the crown...

    "Brooklyn Nights" was written by Lady Gaga, with additional work done by DJ White Shadow, Nick Monson and Dino Zisis in 2012 or 2013 for her fourth album, "ARTPOP". Gaga revealed the song title on September 20, 2013 via Twitter in anticipation for her then-upcoming album, but the song was not included on the final track list, causing the fans to be confused. Gaga later confirmed the song would be available through the ARTPOP app (which turned out to be an equally messy delay) during a Twitter Q&A, which also didn't happen, now causing the fans to be furious. There are some speculations that the song was going to appear on "ARTPOP" as track 12, but was in contention for that spot with "Mary Jane Holland". whynotboth.gif is appropriate, but have yet to find out the know the exact reason why it was excluded from the album. The song, in its demo form, first leaked somewhere in 2014, with the latter demos appearing in 2017. I bet there was a worldwide internet connection failure when it first surfaced.
    Besides the surfacing online, there was a slip-up regarding an official release of the song. Namely, the song was temporarily made available for download on iTunes, as well as streaming on Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify on April 15th, 2018. But that didn't last long - it was taken down 3 days later, as it was an illegally licensed post credited under the fake copyright name including Gaga's real name, but misspelled as 'Stefani Germanota'. Little Detectives have evolved to Little Hackers, it seems. The song managed to reach the Top 40 on the US iTunes Pop Songs, which shouldn't be much of a surprise. An image proof here:

    Similar thing happened to Rihanna's unreleased music recently (speaking of which, the wait for R9 being the equivalent of waiting for me to finish this rate oop)

    Also, there seems to be a rumor of a 'sister song' called "Charlotte Nights", another unreleased. For that, Gagapedia brings the story, which is rather interesting:
    Who knew Gaga had her "Erotica" in the making before she switched to "Born This Way" theme. At least we have "Government Hooker" and "Heavy Metal Lover" for that corner.

    "Brooklyn Nights" did get a one-off live performance at artRAVE on 24th August, 2014, while Gaga was reading fan notes and receiving gifts. The Melbourne public of that night was privileged to hear the live outing of this song, after she read a note where fan mentioned it was their favourite song. It was sung acapella and not in full, but I presume the attendees were ecstatic. I've linked it below.

    Objectively speaking, "Brooklyn Nights" is her most accomplished unreleased song when it comes to the lyrics. The metaphors used, the delicacy, the word-crafting and the attention to details is just immaculate. However, when we look at the sonic aspect of the song, that's when things aren't so pristine and perfect. Don't get me wrong; I can definitely see why those synths leave some of you in need of a hair transplantation, but, personally speaking, I never found them too astonishing. Sure, the production is great for a demo, though it lacks just something more to make it artpop.

    To dissect things a bit. There are three known versions (i.e. demos) of this song. The first demo is greatly distinguishable because of that breakdown after the first chorus. It just explodes into a mini cosmic journey and, whew, I'm impressed. For that reason, it's my favorite version, despite being the most LQ one.
    There are excellent moments in all versions, though. The little synth warble during the second verse is a great touch. Also, I love the melody during the chorus, it's so wistful and captures the song's melancholic theme. The rest feels a bit too, jolly(?) for a heartbreak song like this one. Of course, it can fall into the 'heartbreak on the dancefloor' category, but I'm not overly convinced. Despite all that, Gaga's delivery and occasional use of nasal tone makes most of it worthwhile. The break from that synth-o-rama arrives with the middle-8, when the production is stripped down and leaves some space to breathe, and combined with the poignant and poetic lyrics, providing a closure moment that's being anticipated. And then the outro comes out of nowhere and you're like, okay, that's something. It's great from the 'unexpected' perspective and, oddly enough, works well as an ending to this emotional song.

    Back to the highlight - the lyrics. It's some incredibly touching and well-crafted stuff. I mean, this part of the middle-8 alone:

    I didn't brush my hair
    And my lashes are falling
    Off of seven years
    Of our bad luck dating
    I want one last night there
    A Brooklyn night affair

    Such a typical Gaga moment, but all grown up and reflective.

    Adorable moment evoked by those so in-detail lyrics is perfectly portrayed in this verse:

    I miss our cheap chandelier
    'Member when dad hung it there?
    And we would watch Rocky IV
    The one where the Russian scored
    I loved Brigitte Nielsen's hair

    And the line "have a drink with your former self" in the song's outro is such a great punchline, too. I could go an and just post the entire song because it's so beautifully written, but you get the idea. Whimsical songwriting right there.
    But something about the song itself doesn't affect me as much. Perhaps if it was in a ballad setting, and accompanied by more traditional instrumentation, I guess it would've been more effective to me.

    All in all, it's a great song and I can certainly deal with it reaching these staggering heights, despite not considering it among my top 10 of this rate - it does feel integral among her unreleased repertoire and has plenty of reasons to be loved. But we definitely chose the correct winner, I must say.

    The commentary is mainly positive, though there are some 'overrated' mentions to be found.

    The general consensus of the song is brought to you by @Untouchable Ace (9.8): "It does sound finished and polished, but there is definitely something lacking." I share the same thoughts, too.
    However, @VitaminBee (10) is sold on this one, saying: "While the production kind of screams "demo", the outro to the song is probably one of my favorites from her ever." and, despite giving the song a slightly lower score, @SyPOPhantic (9) has the exact same thing to say: "It’s a little clunky but the outro is perfection!" #twins

    In another comment full of praise, @Laurence (10) calls it: "A beautiful, well crafted song. So many versions out there. This should have been on ARTPOP of course but alas. Glad we still got it. Definite Top 5 material." And the voters agreed on that. Well, most of them. The lowest scorer, @spaceship (5), might get some lashings, but makes a perfectly acceptable comment: "I think it's a bit overrated. The chorus is OK." This comment is OK, too.
    The 'overrated' corner continues with @elektroxx (7.5): "I've always found this to be overrated. It's a decent bop, but that's about it." and @DominoDancing (6.5) "You know, not bad, but I probably would have left this on the cutting room floor as well." Similarly, @DinahLee (7) isn't too impressed: "We got like one thousand edits of this one too. I don’t know. Expected more since it was teased as a song that was part of the album during the final process. I’m glad she went with Mary Jane Holland instead." While I certainly prefer "Brooklyn Nights" to "Mary Jane Holland", I am not too bothered that the latter had been chosen. @Seventeen Days (10) is confused: "How the HELL was this passed over for Artpop when trash like Jewels ’n Drugs ended up on the playlist? #justiceforBrooklynNights" Now that is the song "Brooklyn Nights" should've replaced.

    @soratami (7) simply says: "v2 all the way", while @AshtrayHeart (8) mentions another 'V2' of something: "This makes me long for Artpop 2." Ah, that urban legend of Gaga's career.

    I presume @berserkboi (10) made a great discovery: "Mightily impressed by Version 1! Wow Bethenny Wow!" A full-on stan @yeRleDanaL (10) adores it, too: "So great. I am still bitter that ARTPOP II never happened because this song was totally snubbed. Like the only flaw this song has is that she's a little overly autotuned. The chorus' intense synth beat is amazing. The lyrics are amazing. The difference between the verses and chorus is amazing. I also love the bridge, especially "and my lashes are falling off of 7 years of our bad luck dating." Gaga better release this shit on Chromatica." Well... we know how it went regarding the last sentence.

    @M24 (8.25) gives us a glimpse of their experience for the section predeeding the "ARTPOP" one: "Finally the quality picks up a little here, I got bored with the BTW era (I'm going chronologically)." Reasonable (though I bet you didn't expect "Cake Like Lady Gaga" to up a few songs later).
    Already being familiar with the song, @Sprockrooster (10) was on the edge with this one: "A massive 11-contender. It actually was my 11 when I started this rate. But damn it got snatched. Not a demo rate making me crave for multiple 11's. GAGA did that! Poor Brooklyn Nights though. Always the bridesmaid."
    Oh, how perfectly that last sentence fits multiple circumstances (including its placement, of course).

    Out of the five participants who did give it an 11, three of them provided commentary.
    I don't know if @CorgiCorgiCorgi (11) is religious, but she surely feels so moved: "Goddamn this is evocative as hell! The worldbuilding, the metaphors, it's all perfect." and @Pat (11) loves it all: "A moment. Deserved to be on ARTPOP."
    Does anyone have a spare wig for @Phonetics Boy? Alongside her 11, the comment reads: "I just live for high octane melodrama power ballads, I guess. This one snatches every last follicle mercilessly and, honestly, might be in my top 5 of all leaks ever."
    A statement.

    Demo/version 1:

    Demo/version 2:

    Demo/version 3:

    Live performance:

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  11. Which means...



    Nothing On (But the Radio)

    Average score: 9.779

    Highest scores: 11 x 6
    (@HEARTCORE, @Ana Raquel, @spaceship, @Music Is Death, @TéléDex, @Laurence), 10 x 21 (@Maki, @Phonetics Boy, @elektroxx, @yeRleDanaL, @AllGagaLike, @berserkboi, @VitaminBee, @Sprockrooster, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @Crisp X, @AshtrayHeart, @pop3blow2, @soratami, @Untouchable Ace, @myblood, @Pat, @MilesAngel, @SyPOPhantic, @muddleddreams, @Markus1981, @Seventeen Days)
    Lowest score: 7 x 2 (@KYLE, @abael)
    My score: 10

    High peak: #1 (5-34 voters i.e. throughout the voting period)
    Low peak: N/A (stayed at #1 spot since the position tracking started - iconic)

    So, there we have it. The winner is crowned. And there was no doubt which song was going to win. In fact, it never left the top spot. It held onto that #1 as hard as Gaga's wigs during her massively energetic shows. On the complete opposite, seems like your wigs were flying around like a tornado struck. "Nothing On (But the Radio)" obliterated the competition in every sense of that word. Look at those scores. Just look at them. The only song with the 9+ average score in the entire rate. With 15 voters, it had a clear 10/10 average score! In the beginning, "Brooklyn Nights" did start to threaten its lead, but that didn't last long - "Nothing On (But the Radio)" dominated the rate ever since. Only 7 out of 34 voters gave this song a lower score than a 10. This whooping amount of perfect scores not only made it the clear winner of this rate, but also a record-breaker when it comes to average score difference between the runner-up and winner in solo rates. We're making rate history with this one!

    Now, even the details surrounding this song's background are quite unresolved to this day. I mean, the first sentence you come across on Gagapedia is:
    "Nothing On (But the Radio)" is a song written by Lady Gaga in 2010, during Born This Way recording sessions.


    Oop. That would've completely mess up the categorization of this rate.
    However, there have been multiple notions that "Nothing On (But the Radio)" was written somewhere in 2009, and not related to any album. Written by Lady Gaga, Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander, it most likely started its life as one of the songs Gaga was writing and recording demos of for other artists. So, a "The Fame Monster" session it is.

    There were also some allegations that Gaga doesn't sing all of the vocals on this song. And, I think @mindtrappa confirmed this as being true.


    What a trick winner!!!

    But, really, listening to the song with that in mind, the middle-8 harmony and the "and I'm tuned into your station tonight" don't really sound like Gaga. While this may seem as a WTF moment for some hearing it for the first time, it was actually not uncommon for artists to have some other vocals on their demos. Which makes me think the original song wasn't taken directly from Gaga, but rather when it was 'on its way' to a certain artist who should've/would've recorded it. Still, the vast majority of the vocals are hers.

    Anyways, there's some info that the song was supposed to be re-worked and finally released.
    The only audio proof is this short and muffled video, which should be used as a hearing test to determine people who have extraordinarily and hyper sensitive hearing and can actually hear the differences between the songs:

    Gaga! gAgA! gaga! GaGa! GAGA!

    Luckily, Gagapedia has the background of this clip to back it up:
    On July 18th, 2012, Gaga was leaving her hotel in Chicago before Pitchfork Festival when the car got stuck at a red light. Some fans ran to the car which prompted Gaga to roll down the window and stick half of her body out to sign autographs. During that short moment, the song was heard playing on the radio.

    Looks like Gaga was aware of the mega tune she created and wanted to release it under her own name, but with a different production. The re-work was done by DJ White Shadow, with additional production done by Nick Monson and Dino Zisis, and was scheduled to be released on "ARTPOP" The huge leak of Gaga's legal papers and contracts which happened in May of this year confirmed this (too lazy to find a photo now).

    Most recently, the song was recorded supposed to be released by Paris Monroe (rihannawhosthat.gif), as her snippets appeared on her social media in 2016. The snippet of her version is here:

    I... don't have an opinion about this. It exists, I guess? Also, no one should release it except from Gaga.

    Also, if RuPaul took part in this rate, there would've very likely been a seventh 11 for this song. When he was asked which Gaga song he likes the most, he replied: "You know, I believe it’s the one I did with her called "Fashion!"; I love that song. Also, there’s this other one that’s part of this unreleased package that floated around the internet called "Nothing On (But the Radio)". I don’t know the story behind it. I have a whole album of b-sides and unreleased Lady Gaga stuff. I don’t know how I got it."
    Or maybe that 11 would've mistakenly gone to a similarly titled "Fashion"?

    The original version of the song leaked in October 2010, but the re-worked version has yet to bless our ears. Here's the announcement when the song leaked, made by Gaga Now (R.I.P. or not?):

    It was never performed live, nor even explicitly mentioned by Gaga.

    What can be said about "Nothing On (But the Radio)"... It's a bop. A banger. A bop and a banger. A bop and a banger multiplied by five, squared and then some. While it doesn't display Gaga's artistry the slightest, it perfectly encapsulates why she's so successful and the reason her music resonates with so many people. A rather simple song on surface, but the power it has when played is undeniable. Basically, Gaga just taught us how to make a perfect pop song. From the gritty, propulsive synths in the beginning and the way verses slowly creep up on you, to the anthemic chorus just making you want to turn the volume all the way up and scream along, this is an entire ball of joy. The melody is just impeccable and the chorus is such a damn earworm. This time, the lyrics are actually a very witty take on double-meaning and a provocative theme, play on words style, which were covered many times before, but here it's without being overly tacky and gimmicky as in Gaga's Pre-fame and "The Fame" days. She grew up with lyrics on "Brooklyn Nights", I guess she grew up here. A way to sophisticate your dirty thoughts and burning passion. The song has immense replay value, too. All that sealed in a package of less than 3 minutes. Did I mention that the song is a bop?

    Where really lies the mystery is the hesitation to officially release this song, which baffled and still baffles many to this day, when Gaga could've easily done that. Two times! She could've easily gotten another hit in, lets say, summer of 2010, and milked some more success just before the 'overexposure' of "Born This Way" era. It didn't even have to be an album-related release, since it doesn't really fit "The Fame Monster" nor "Born This Way" albums. Actually, that would've been a perfect cause to release the song on its own. What a wasted opportunity...
    Probably the best example of 'the #1 hit that never was' among the unrelease songs. At least it got that position somewhere else. It stayed at the top of the leaderboard as long as it stays in our heads (i.e. forever) and it just feels right.

    I can talk about how amazing this song is as a winner and yada yada, but to sum it up:
    Nothing Won (But a Deserving Winner)

    For the last time in this rate, let's visit the commentary section. Needless to say, it's bursting with compliments.

    @Seventeen Days (10) reveals an alternate title for this song: "More like “Nothing Gone (But My Wig)”, amirite? This is a fucking jam, and immediately going on the unreleased playlist." And now it goes onto the rate winners playlist, too!

    @Sprockrooster (10) considers it: "Part of my holy quintet in this rate.", and I'm pretty sure @Crisp X (10) agrees: "Probably my favorite discovery of the rate. I wouldn’t even mind her releasing this to be honest." and @elektroxx (10) speaks the truth: "A whole ass bop."
    Meanwhile, @Phonetics Boy (10) brings up a controversy I wasn't previously familiar with: "Is the story about Gagster blocking Natalia Kills from recording it tea?? Anyway, I choose to believe, too much of a kii not to." Any more info about this? Does anyone actually have the tea about this? Let me know. Actually, @Pat (10) mentions the other theory: "Remember when they tried to make us think this wasn’t a Gaga song?" It certainly is a song by Gaga, but the vocals... hm, that's another story.

    In a string of "this could've been a hit" comments, @VitaminBee (10) says: "I wish this was in better quality and got finished by her. It's a great track and could have been a hit."
    @AshtrayHeart (10) is baffled: "Why was this left off the album?" and @Untouchable Ace (10) resonates with that thought: "This seems to be the biggest missed opportunity on the song list." I agree, because, as @SyPOPhantic (10) puts it: "This could easily be released now and it would smash."
    I'm sure @berserkboi (10) is happy with his confident belief that this was going to win. He says: "Amazingly catchy! Still feels Big Pop Girl Lead Single!" Perfect description. Similarly, @yeRleDanaL (10) calls it: "A really solid song. This would work well as a single release that is not present on an album." That makes sense, too! Could've slotted this for a summer smash in 2010.

    The grumpy cat of the rate, @DominoDancing (7.5), is the only voter who provided a not overly positive comment for this song: "Love the chorus, but everything around is just okay, and the beat in particular gets super annoying after a minute." In a more positive manner, @M24 (9) also may need time: "I feel like the chorus could pop off even more if it had a different mix. The verses are perfect though." Let's hope both of you softened up to this over time. For example, like @pop3blow2 (10) changed his mind: "This is great pop. The song floats around the 9 line for me, but her attitude sells it & makes it a 10." Good decision right there.

    @DinahLee (9) tried to troll: "I know this will probably be the #1. I almost gave it a 0 for the trolling of the score but to be honest: It IS an amazing song. Nothing I’d pick back from the grave for any release after The Fame Monster, but the song IS really good. We probably heard over one thousand of fans edits and we’re still not over it so…. Means a lot." And guess what? Even if you did give it a 0, it would've still been a convincing winner and you would've come off as dumb. In fact, even three zeros from voters wouldn't affect that. Now that's what domination looks like.

    The 11 section is looking full, for a change. Only one of the 11-givers didn't provide commentary.
    Someone who was there when this song surfaced, @Ana Raquel, justifies her 11 choice: "I remember the day this was leaked and that I spent all night listening to it. Still love it as much as I did back then." Those are some memories for sure.
    I think @HEARTCORE (11) is rather impressed: "AN ELEVEN IF I EVER SAW ONE WOW!" and @spaceship (11) "I know it's a bit cliché but this is really her best unreleased demo. It's so worthy of a re-production and an official release." I nod in agreement wit the last sentence. Gaga (or someone else), make it happen!

    One of the most positive voters in this rate, @Laurence (11) is here with a full appreciation comment: "What a jam right? Gosh in an alternate simulation this would have been released and a big hit. And in another one, Natalia Kills got her hands on it - teehee. But it just works and I love the instrumentation. Remember fuzzing around it cuz people did not believe it was Gaga, especially with that bridge? Yes, vocal manipulation. It's a very relatable track to me, trying to seduce all straight guys on the football club or something like it. Just kidding I've stopped doing that. Okay maybe some are still curious. I think of all the unreleased tracks I have in my iTunes library (but I use Spotify now and just one playlist of songs that aren't on there), this is played most, so deserved my 11 as it's the best. Second Time Around is a close 2nd." Hope that this song winning balanced your disappointment that "Second Time Around" went at #5.

    Closing off the final comment section, @Music Is Death (11), who changed their username between the reveal of #3 and now and still hasn't caught up here, definitely won't be having any deadly plans yet, at least in this rate: "Yeah this deserves to win. It’s amazing, should've been officially released either on The Fame or The Fame Monster I don’t care, somewhere. It’s wonderful. In fact, it’s going to be my 11. Everything about it is undeniable. Those verses, THAT CHORUS – every single second an example of why she’s such an amazing artist and so special. If this flops, I’ll never forgive any of you." I'm sure you're extremely happy about its victory, then.

    And what a victory.

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  13. [​IMG]

    2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    Average score: 8.047

    Rank: 1st (out of 7)

    1. Nothing On (But the Radio)
    4. No Way
    5. Second Time Around
    7. Animal
    8. Reloaded
    9. Out of Control
    10. Earthquake
    22. Freakshow
    28. Future Love
    42. Superstar

    Highest averages per voter:
    9.800 - @yeRleDanaL
    9.550 - @elektroxx
    9.300 - @Laurence
    9.020 - @MilesAngel
    8.850 - @Music Is Death

    Lowest averages per voter:
    6.200 - @AshtrayHeart
    6.200 - @abael
    6.900 - @soratami
    7.000 - @KYLE
    7.100 - @DominoDancing

  14. [​IMG]

    A big thanks to @aux for making this!

  15. [​IMG]


    60. World Family Tree (3.860)
    59. Fountain of Truth (4.737)
    58. Master Heartbreaker (4.838)
    57. You're All My Little Monsters (5.163)
    56. Cake Like Lady Gaga (5.315)
    55. When She Go/Go, Go, Go (5.335)
    54. Your Freakin' Car (5.557)
    53. Stuck on Fuckin' You (5.904)
    52. We Are Plastic (Melt In the Summer) (5.968)
    51. Changing Skies (6.153)
    50. Words (6.225)
    49. Ribbons (6.226)
    48. Something Crazy (6.238)
    47. Posh Life (6.347)
    46. Fancy Pants (6.347)
    45. Electric Kiss (6.363)
    44. Blueberry Kisses (6.393)
    43. Oh Baby (6.394)
    42. Superstar (6.456)
    41. Shut Up (6.484)
    40. Reel Cool (6.507)
    39. Retrosexual (6.603)
    38. Red and Blue (6.609)
    37. No Floods (6.679)
    36. Shake Your Kitty (6.693)
    35. Kandy Life (6.725)
    34. Hollywood (6.728)
    33. Wish You Were Here (6.754)
    32. Sexy Ugly (6.775)
    31. Captivated (6.838)
    30. Oh Well (6.871)
    29. Spin U Around (6.896)
    28. Future Love (6.934)
    27. Panty Party (6.963)
    26. Filthy Pop (6.996)
    25. Take You Out (7.003)
    24. The Greatest Thing (7.019)
    23. New York (7.219)
    22. Freakshow (7.316)
    21. Love Sick Girl / Yay Ha (7.363)
    20. Trigger (7.378)
    19. Fever (7.475)
    18. Wonderful (7.506)
    17. Fooled Me Again (7.718)
    16. Glitter and Grease (7.762)
    15. Rockshow (7.794)
    14. Stache (7.871)
    13. Vanity (7.943)
    12. Let Love Down (8.043)
    11. Dirty Ice Cream (8.129)
    10. Earthquake (8.134)
    9. Out of Control (8.144)
    8. Reloaded (8.172)
    7. Animal (8.182)
    6. Retro-Physical (8.472)
    5. Second Time Around (8.550)
    4. No Way (8.806)
    3. Fashion (8.829)
    2. Brooklyn Nights (8.893)
    1. Nothing On (But the Radio) (9.779)


    7. Early years (5.561)
    6. Born This Way sessions (5.740)
    5. Red and Blue EP (6.501)
    4. The Fame sessions (7.018)
    3. Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child) (7.055)
    2. ARTPOP sessions (7.106)
    1. The Fame Monster sessions (8.047)

    Next up: Yeah, this may be the end in some way, but don't leave yet! A bunch of stats and other fun stuff are yet to be revealed.

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2020
  16. Nicely done @Maki! Called it from the beginning, and it is nice to be right after being so wrong about the Song Contests recently dddd

    I get the feeling Fierce Girl would have included Gaga in their hit, had she premiered in time for What Makes A Girl Fierce! Dddd

    Love all your hard work and insight @Maki! Thanks for inviting me to this!
  17. When I saw the Brooklyn Nights average I thought maybe none of the songs would go past 9, but wow, was I wrong. Nearly one whole point difference between #1 and #2 is crazy!

    I've always been a huge Gaga fan but I never really checked her unreleased material much, and this rate helped me discover plenty of gems, as well as learn a lot of cool tidbits and interesting stories about her too. Excellent hosting @Maki, it was a lot of fun!

    Also, justice for Cake Like Lady Gaga... gone much too soon.
    yeRleDanaL, Laurence, Maki and 3 others like this.
  18. I AGREE!!!!!!

    I'm glad seeing my 11 winning anyway. Thanks for the rate @Maki! Sorry for not being so active on the topic, but you did a spectacular job.
    yeRleDanaL, Laurence, Maki and 3 others like this.
  19. Great job @Maki! Thanks for doing this! <3
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  20. I am very pleased with these results, tbh. Thank you for hosting this rate and introducing and re-introducing me to Gaga's unreleased material, @Maki!
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