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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. I just did a quick job of the song titles & rate names, but I did find I could look back in my history but did not do so.

    Some were so obvious after second thought when I read the results, but a nice little mini-game.

    Thank you again for the rate and entertainment @Maki, a fantastic job.
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  2. Oh, really? Now that's dedication. I'm very competitive in these little games, too.
    It's rather easy, actually - just Google search the thread title + 'Lady Gaga Unreleased rate' or something like that, and the number of song eliminated should be revealed. Or, you can search for the number of song eliminated (for example, #17) and then see a glimpse of the thread title at the time.

    Some final stuff will be posted today and then it's farewell.
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  3. Oh, yeah, I didn't think of that option. Nice one!

    Also, I forgot to mention these facts about the final two songs in their write-ups:
    - "Brooklyn Nights" is supposedly inspired by Lüc Carl, since he had an on-off relationship with Gaga for 7 years (between 2005 and 2011).
    - "Nothing On (But the Radio)" may have been inspired by Marilyn Monroe's quote regarding her nude photographs for a calendar: "It's not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on."
    - The closest the two songs got together is a 0.091 average score difference, with 11 voters. After that, "Nothing On (But the Radio)" ran away and was barely reachable.
  4. I am a bit wondering if Nothing On (But The Radio) won because it didn't attract any hatred or fave wars like happened with Fashion and Reloaded. Do not get me wrong. I love our winner and like I said it was part of my top 5 of this rate so I am glad it did. It just feels so surprising. I never knew it was so universally loved (or non-hated for that matter).
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  5. Yeah, while it was very consistently scored, so were "Fashion" and "Brooklyn Nights" - they just didn't have the same staggering amount of high scores like "Nothing On (But the Radio)" had.
    I didn't think it was so universally loved, either, and actually expected that "Brooklyn Nights" would put up a much tougher fight for the top spot.

    Not to do a RJF-style full point breakdown, here's the collation of points for the top 3, to put it into perspective:

    Nothing On (But the Radio)
    11 x 6
    10 x 21
    9 x 3
    8 x 1
    7.5 x 1
    7 x 2

    Brooklyn Nights
    11 x 5
    10 x 9
    9.8 x 1
    9.5 x 1
    9 x 2
    8.5 x 2
    8.3 x 1
    8.25 x 1
    8 x 5
    7.5 x 1
    7 x 3
    6.5 x 2
    5 x 1

    11 x 2
    10 x 10
    9.75 x 1
    9.2 x 1
    9 x 9
    8.5 x 1
    8 x 3
    7.75 x 1
    7 x 5
    5 x 2

    So, the immense amount of 10's for "Nothing On (But the Radio)" secured it a win, obviously. But there's also a fair share of scores between 7 and 9 which have caused "Brooklyn Nights" and "Fashion" to fall behind by quite a margin.
  6. I forgot about the amount of 11's. That actually does not prove my point. Guess it is mostly surprising to me it is her best demo.
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  7. Finally, here's what I've been waiting to share with you for weeks - a compiled ranking of her released and unreleased music, including 150 songs (discography rate, unreleased rate + "Stupid Love"). Thanks to @Subwaykid, a fantastic host of Lady Gaga's discography rate, for sending me the spreadsheet for his rate and making it much easier to navigate and break certain ties . Don't be surprised that certain average scores from the official rate are different than used here - it's due to @Subwaykid throwing out one participant's votes halfway through the reveals, so I only thought it would be fair to use the final results without that ballot for the consistency sake (and the user whose scores were thrown out is no longer on this forum). Obviously, the ranking aren't really compatible since the amount and pool of voters was very much different between the two rates, but there are still some quite shocking moments.
    Here you go:


    1. Nothing On (But the Radio) (9.779)
    2. Bad Romance (9.745)
    3. Paparazzi (9.575)
    4. Alejandro (9.500)
    5. Marry the Night (9.410)
    6. Dance in the Dark (9.343)
    7. Scheiße (9.230)
    8. The Edge of Glory (9.193)
    9. Telephone (9.177)
    10. Poker Face (9.175)
    11. Applause (9.113)
    12. Heavy Metal Lover (9.077)
    13. Just Dance (9.037)
    14. Brooklyn Nights (8.893)
    15. Judas (8.875)
    16. So Happy I Could Die (8.870)
    17. Fashion (8.829)
    18. No Way (8.806)
    19. Perfect Illusion (8.695)
    20. GUY (8.647)
    21. Monster (8.630)
    22. Bloody Mary (8.625)
    23. Born This Way (8.617)
    24. Do What U Want (8.557)
    25. Second Time Around (8.550)
    26. Government Hooker (8.507)
    27. Retro-Physical (8.472)
    28. Sexxx Dreams (8.453)
    29. LoveGame (8.430)
    30. Gypsy (8.425)
    31. Venus (8.413)
    32. John Wayne (8.407)
    33. Dancin' in Circles (8.325)
    34. The Cure (8.237)
    35. Animal (8.182)
    36. Reloaded (8.172)
    37. Out of Control (8.144)
    38. Earthquake (8.134)
    39. Dirty Ice Cream (8.129)
    40. Joanne (8.091)
    41. Always Remember Us This Way (8.075)
    42. Diamond Heart (8.067)
    43. Let Love Down (8.043)
    44. Shallow (7.997)
    45. I Like It Rough (7.957)
    46. Vanity (7.943)
    47. Electric Chapel (7.895)
    48. Stache (7.871)
    49. Hair (7.843)
    50. ARTPOP (7.827)
    51. Rockshow (7.794)
    52. Glitter and Grease (7.762)
    53. Fooled Me Again (7.718)
    54. Summerboy (7.68)
    55. Americano (7.647)
    56. Aura (7.603)
    57. You & I (7.590)
    58. Speechless (7.575)
    59. Fashion of His Love (7.570)
    60. Hair Body Face (7.565)
    61. Wonderful (7.506)
    62. Boys Boys Boys (7.505)
    63. Heal Me (7.500)
    64. A-Yo (7.490)
    65. Fever (7.475)
    66. Paper Gangsta (7.437)
    67. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) (7.415)
    68. Trigger (7.378)
    69. Love Sick Girl/Yay Ha (7.363)
    70. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (7.345)
    71. Freakshow (7.316)
    72. Fashion! (7.313)
    73. The Fame (7.290)
    74. Beautiful Dirty Rich (7.273)
    75. New York (7.219)
    76. Angel Down (7.195)
    77. I Want Your Love (7.195)
    78. I'll Never Love Again (7.190)
    79. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion (7.122)
    80. Mary Jane Holland (7.17)
    81. Teeth (7.133)
    82. Million Reasons (7.067)
    83. Bad Kids (7.047)
    84. Starstruck (7.037)
    85. The Greatest Thing (7.019)
    86. Take You Out (7.003)
    87. Filthy Pop (6.996)
    88. Sinner's Prayer (6.980)
    89. Why Did You Do That? (6.977)
    90. Donatella (6.972)
    91. Panty Party (6.963)
    92. Future Love (6.934)
    93. Spin U Around (6.896)
    94. MANiCURE (6.882)
    95. Stupid Love (6.875)
    96. Oh Well (6.871)
    97. Captivated (6.838)
    98. Swine (6.835)
    99. Sexy Ugly (6.775)
    100. Look What I Found (6.772)
    101. Grigio Girls (6.765)
    102. Wish You Were Here (6.754)
    103. Hey Girl (6.750)
    104. Is That Alright? (6.747)
    105. Hollywood (6.728)
    106. Kandy Life (6.725)
    107. Shake Your Kitty (6.693)
    108. No Floods (6.679)
    109. Money Honey (6.630)
    110. Disco Heaven (6.613)
    111. Red and Blue (6.609)
    112. Retrosexual (6.603)
    113. Reel Cool (6.507)
    114. Shut Up (6.484)
    115. Superstar (6.456)
    116. Oh Baby (6.394)
    117. Blueberry Kisses (6.393)
    118. Electric Kiss (6.363)
    119. Fancy Pants (6.347)
    120. Posh Life (6.347)
    121. Something Crazy (6.238)
    122. Ribbons (6.226)
    123. Words (6.225)
    124. Just Another Day (6.190)
    125. Changing Skies (6.153)
    126. The Queen (6.135)
    127. Brown Eyes (6.095)
    128. Til It Happens to You (5.970)
    129. We Are Plastic (Melt In the Summer) (5.968)
    130. Come to Mama (5.935)
    131. Stuck on Fuckin' You (5.904)
    132. Before I Cry (5.775)
    133. Again Again (5.625)
    134. Dope (5.607)
    135. Your Freakin' Car (5.557)
    136. Christmas Tree (5.543)
    137. Retro Dance Freak (5.42)
    138. La Vie En Rose (5.383)
    139. When She Go/Go, Go, Go (5.335)
    140. Cake Like Lady Gaga (5.315)
    141. Diggin' My Grave (5.295)
    142. I Don't Know What Love Is (5.255)
    143. You're All My Little Monsters (5.163)
    144. Lush Life (5.070)
    145. Master Heartbreaker (4.838)
    146. Fountain of Truth (4.737)
    147. Anything Goes (4.690)
    148. Jewels n' Drugs (4.580)
    149. Music to My Eyes (4.523)
    150. World Family Tree (3.860)

    Some very interesting results here. "Cake Like Lady Gaga" over "Diggin' My Grave" and "I Don't Know What Love Is"? "Stuck on Fuckin' You" surpassing both "Again Again" and "Dope"? "Stupid Love" barely making it to the top 100? And, most importantly, "Nothing On (But the Radio)" ruling the competition, even over "Bad Romance"? It would be very interesting to see how the remaining songs from "Chromatica" would rank, too. Perhaps we will know that next year.
    Did some of your faves even make the top 100? I know a lot of mine didn't.

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  8. Fashion and Brooklyn Nights deserve to be in the overall top 20!
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  9. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Nothing On But The Radio having a higher average than Bad Romance is a bit of a scream.
  10. Yes indeed. And I can now reveal the reason of this post being the very same thing:


    As we approach the end, I owe you all one huge thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who voted and took their precious time to listen to the songs, rate them, comment and even participate in some hilariously pointless and random minigames. Thank you for checking the thread every now and then, sharing your valuable thoughts and following along, despite not voting. And, of course, thank you for all the incredibly kind words - you're making me blush over here with all the praise! I really enjoyed doing all the write-ups and learning some of the previously unknown fun facts myself. It's been a hectic six months in my life, but a fantastic six months on this forum, thanks to this rate and it all wouldn't have happened if you didn't contribute to it.

    All in all:


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  12. ~ Another pointless section ~

    Things this rate taught me:
    - Always try to plan in advance; doing write-ups for each elimination from scratch along the way is possible, but far from ideal.
    - Don't hesitate to sign someone up for a back-up and guest eliminations, just because you're so determined to do things yourself and your way.
    - Artworks can cause a tremendous amount of time, so sort them up beforehand, or choose the pre-existing ones (but I enjoy making them, so *shrug*).
    - Don't ever trust the final voter. Ever.

    Reflecting on the things above, I'm obliged to say sorry for not doing the eliminations so frequently and as frequently as I planned to. At the end of the day, everything was eventually revealed and that matters... at least I guess so.

    For the next rate, it will be dedicated to another legend. Legends, to be exact. No Doubt discography rate is a long overdue one and I'm ecstatic to say that it should occur sometime next year.
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  13. So, I guess that's it. The Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate is brought to a conclusion. After exactly 34 weeks, 71 pages, and a fair amount of delays, we conclude a rate of the rarities and truly hidden gems by one of the best popstars and, more importantly, actresses artists to grace this planet.
    Thanks once again for sticking around!



  14. These are all so true. Should be pinned at the top of the rate queue thread.
  15. M24


    Heyyy!!! This is yet another late catchup, by almost a month! I'm a mess dddd.

    Thank you for everything, @Maki! You put so much dedication into your writeups and it showed. I wish the results had been more to my liking, but I can't complain that my 11 got to #3! And you should actually listen to Heidi's Superficial because it's actually a great album that encapsulates the electropop sound of the Blackout-The Fame era! I thought a part of the forum stanned her.

    Anyway, this rate reminded me that I should get more acquainted with gaga's official discography because there are still songs from her I haven't ever listened to dddd (I can't call myself a pop music fan until I do, can I?). So you can be proud that your rate's given me the motivation to do that (something Chromatica failed at).
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  16. Just popping in here to say Words getting no 10s and being in the bottom 10 eliminations is rotted.
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  17. It wouldve Been one of my 10s..Red & blue is so good
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  18. It was technically the 11th song to get eliminated, so at least it managed to escape the bottom 10.
    Maybe it's good that you missed the voting deadline ddd

    Anyway, whew at this random thread bump. It's already been over two years since I opened this rate?!
    Feel free to throw some likes here and see me flop at hosting the No Doubt discography rate xx
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  19. I clicked on the link in your sig dddd and the rest is history!
  20. People change!!!
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