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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    I'm sure she would do just fine in a movie. I was just playing.

    Nothing she ever did would ever compare to Burlesque, though.
  2. Consuelanono

    Consuelanono Guest

    Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    Burlesque is an amazing movie. I love it, and not even in an ironic way. I genuinely think its good.
  3. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    No, I agree! It's cheesy, but I love it. Christina does a wonderful job, and Cher is great, and the male lead is hot enough to melt steel.
  4. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    As overtly stan-like as this might sound, no matter how much bullshit she may spout about the record, no matter how awful the throwaway cuts she throws out may be ('Stache') and no matter how much she goes off-track and gets it so incredibly wrong sometimes, three records in, there's nothing that could possibly make me believe that this woman isn't the single greatest popstar to come along in decades. Just watching the 'Bad Romance' video confirms every one of my beliefs in her as an artist and the potential inside this woman (and that's not even touching the brilliance she's delivered us since).

    Not one person in the game has so much self belief and wants to dominate the entire planet as much as this woman and it pours out of her with every incredible performance or not-so-incredible (yet admittedly admirable) speech delivered to her fans. She can do it and she knows goddamn well that she can and, providing the world opens its eyes and realises it deserves more than it's currently digesting and (admittedly) she gets her shit together in a few aspects, the world is at her feet and nobody deserves it more than her; there isn't one career I anticipate unveiling before my eyes more.
  5. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    Mushroom spillin' dat South African Red Berry.

    She just needs dem hits. And a competently managed campaign.
  6. Consuelanono

    Consuelanono Guest

    Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    Fully agreed. What I love most about her is her actual affection for pop music. She enjoys it, she respects it and she understands it. All other popstars seem almost disgusted and embarrassed by pop music, even though that's what they do for a living.
  7. K94


    Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    She should stop trying to do everything herself though - If she lets people take the wheel for a bit, she could be the greatest popstar of the 21st century.
  8. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    But... but... texture! *Rings up Cynthia* "Mama! Mama! I'm doin' texture, Mama!"
  9. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    I get where you're coming from, and I agree with it to a point, but I can't say that I wouldn't be attempting the same thing were I in Gaga's position. It's HER career. She wants to be as in charge of it as she possibly can be. Didn't you watch the 'Marry the Night' video?
  10. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)


    2:58 "Are you singing Burqa?"
    It's real, oh my God.
  11. Consuelanono

    Consuelanono Guest

    Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    Yeah. Because she's so passionate about what she does, it would be hard to let somebody else do it and run the risk of it not turning out the way you envisioned it. Even at the expense of her amateurish skills.
  12. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    'Burqa' is real. We all know it is.
  13. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    That's the first time I'm afraid of what bullshit Gaga may spew. I can't possibly think of a good point to be made in a song with such title. A Gaga song with such title.

    Ok, ok... maybe it's about laws that prohibit "religious symbols" like burqas, or crosses in public schools, like in France? Or maybe the song is just about feminism in general and religious oppression, and not literally about Burqas, but I don't think that would be much better, would it?

    Not even Black Jesus had me this untrusting.
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  14. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    I really don't have the patience to deal with Burqa being a single. I really, really, really don't.
  15. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    'Burqa' won't be a single, but we will hear it in one way or another. Trust me.
  16. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    I'm nervous.

    Though I will say "Burqa" fits quite nicely in the pantheon of Great Gaga Song Titles alongside "Judas," "Schei├če," and "Alejandro."
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  17. Consuelanono

    Consuelanono Guest

    Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    I'm keeping my mouth shut, and trying my damnedest not to shout preconceived notions. I remember reading the title "Heavy Metal Lover" and thinking "Jesus Christ no. Just stop." and look at what we ended up with (Novak, you shut UP).
  18. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    We ended up with a very good track.

  19. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    I was about to post the same!
  20. Re: Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Album, 2013)

    If that's aimed at me, it's not the quality of the song the title 'Burqa' makes me concerned about.

    Let's predict the lyrics. Given the cultural sensitivity Gaga has shown in the past when dealing with any kind of risque issue, I imagine the chorus will be something along the lines of:

    What could possibly go wrong?
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