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I appreciate your message mindtrappa but what about me? What about what this song means to me? Does that not matter at all?
You don't know me, nor does the rest of the ones willing to jump at the throat of anyone who likes this song and its remixes. I don't wanna have to quote this very song by saying til you're standing in my shoes I don't want to hear a thing from you, you don't know.

I don't care what it means to you because, as you just said, it's "just a song". Did I misread that? Why would I consider any of that when you've spent the last few pages disregarding people you don't know and their own feelings on the topic? Enjoy your remixes, nobody is saying you can't get your life on the stair stepper to them, but don't do the very thing you're accusing others of.
Sorry but I have to already break my promise: may I remind you all that two composers wrote this song.
Both are victims of horrid acts of sexual assault.
Diane Warren has no problems with a remix for the song. No matter what you say about her you don't know how she feels. Who are you to tell her it's classless?
As someone who normally champions remixes and has an issue with this, I think you're off the mark here. It's not that "serious" songs can't be remixed - hell, I listen to the Hex Hector remix of Whitney's I Will Always Love You frequently - it's more of a question of intent and artfulness. Till It Happens To You was never intended to be a poppers o'clock anthem from its inception, and plonking a donk on it and adding a shitty complextro drop doesn't give me the impression that this was done with awareness or consideration of that. It feels like nothing more than capitalizing on a song Gaga never even wanted to release commercially to get a #1 on the Hot Dance/Club Play chart - especially given Diane Warren's clear and present thirst to exploit the song in as many ways as possible.

And aside from all of that - can you honestly sit there and tell me that vocal take lends itself well to "getting downE in tha clerb"? She's braying like Mr. Ed for almost the entire song.

The point you're making is that the remixes don't work creatively (because they weren't the original intent) and I don't disagree.

My argument was against the moralising at remixing a song about sexual assault; the notion that it is always insensitive and unethical to remix any song with such lyrics into a club track (which is an argument that has been made) whether it was approved by the artist or not.

My view is that we shouldn't make dictats about what we deem appropriate and inappropriate subject matter for club mixes out of a patronising and paternalistic view about what sexual assault survivors "should and shouldn't hear" based on the perceived wisdom about "seriousness" in tempos and styles of music.

Also, it goes without saying that Gaga is the signed artist - not Diane. Even though it may have not been her creative intention at inception, if she was so offended by the remixes as some are saying we all ought to be; she could have had them removed.
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Its very tacky what's been done, but I do think this is out of her control. The remixes are out there, the song is a certified #1 dance hit, there's no going back.
There's really no right or wrong way to look at this. Ultimately, the song's lyrical content is the same either way. Whether or not there is a drum track underneath that doesn't change that. Is it tasteless that these remixes were created so that the song could fly up the dance chart? Potentially. But it's hard to determine whether or not is immoral because anyone who is a survivor of sexual assault could have a different perspective on it. To some, it may be tasteless and rude, to others it may be empowering/completely inoffensive. Should it have been done in the first place? Probably not, but we all know that someone's heart may not be in the right place with the promotion of this track. The fact that they aren't up on iTunes under Gaga's name says a hell of a lot about her perspective, that's for sure.

So many people recover from sexual assault in such different ways that it's hard to determine whether or not it would be deemed offensive. In saying that, best to just keep the song out of the clubs to those who would indeed find it offensive.

My main issue is the fact the video is being played alongside it. That seems... wrong in the sense that the graphic visual depictions in the video aren't exactly something you'd dance to in a club.

At the end of the day it should be kept out of the clubs even if it triggers only one survivor.
A former NYU classmate (?) of Gaga's posted this little anecdote on Facebook about her pre-fame, inspired by the gif of Leo "reacting" to her Globes win:

That is a beautiful story. It's interesting that the criticism she now faces from members of the public and critics (that she's too much, too fake, too thirsty) is exactly the same with what she faced in her college years and at the very beginning of her career. I know that people will hate on everything and they often do just that, but how can anyone not be in awe of her talent and work ethic is beyond me. Her personality was, and still very much is, hit or miss but her creative/artistic part has always been amazing and more importantly, bar-raising. It must have been so cool for people who knew her back then and even hung out with her to see her become a worldwide superstar in a surprisingly short period of time. And so far pop culture history has shown that she indeed was the last great discovery of the music industry; her stratospheric rise to the top points to that unique Madonna/Britney/Xtina-esque quality that seems to have been lost or become much harder to recreate in recent times.
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Not gonna lie, I kind of doubted her whole "I was bullied" schtick but that story kind of confirms it. Damn... I'm even happier for her success now.

Anyways, she lost the Critics' Choice Award to 'See You Again', which thankfully is not nominated for an Oscar.
I have such a back and forth with ARTPOP. It's clearly a ludicrous album in a lot of ways, tarnished by the horrible campaign. However, it's endlessly entertaining musically. And 'Applause' is one of her best singles/videos.

Gah. Frustrating.


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ARTPOP is a mostly disappointing album, with some absolutely stellar moments. Sadly the majority of the tracks are either half baked or overdone.

But what's at a palatable 165 degrees F is absolutely delicious.
LINDA PERRY – ‏@RealLindaPerry
Congratulations to all nominees especially @Diane_Warren you wrote a beautiful song and @ladygaga gave a powerful performance

bruno ‏@brunnopfvr
@RealLindaPerry @Diane_Warren @ladygaga BOTH WROTE IT!!!!

LINDA PERRY – ‏@RealLindaPerry
@brunnopfvr no Diane did.. Now shoosh it.

Hm. I thought Diane first wrote the song by herself and then they worked together on the lyrics and vocals, but what the hell Linda Perry knows anyway.
LINDA PERRY ‏@RealLindaPerry
Normally I wouldn't respond to all this but I don't know Im feeling spunky. There was another artist that originally was gonna sing #TIHTY
I have Diane's original demo with her singing. The only line that has been changed "Till you're at the end, the end of your rope"
Originally was "TIL YOU GOT A HOLE RIPPED IN YOUR SOUL". So I guess technically one line was changed so sure Gaga possibly "rewrote" a line
But chances are Diane still took part in rewriting that line which means Gaga contributed a few words. Is that writing? Not in my book.
I love Gaga so much respect and love this song that has nothing to do with anything. Why did Gaga get credit? Maybe because ...
Diane wanted to ensure her support in promoting the song. Gaga is a very smart business women she knew a song written by Diane Warren
Would be up for an Oscar. And you know it's hard getting music out there and heard. Especially a song from a documentary , so Diane knew
If she gave Gaga writing credit it would ensure the support this song needed and deserved. And Gaga knows her power. I'm not putting anyone
Or anything down. I'm stating the truth . I credit Diane for writing this song, it is her experience her pain her words. That's it kids.

Damn this exposé. I want Diane's messy ass to drag her back and we know she will. Did Linda have a song in a movie that wasn't nominated or something like that so that's why she's spilling the tea?