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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Not that I believe the rumor, but I'm pretty sure it's referring to Finn Wittrock, not Bomer.
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  2. Ready for GagaxCalvinHarris2016.
  3. Well, I'm sorry to hear this. She seemed so set on him being the one for her during her last two Howard Stern interviews.

    On the plus side, this is the perfect time to announce a split because of the of the T.Swift/Kimye stuff (as well as the other crazy spectacle of the RNC going on right now).

    This exactly. I see her with someone more interesting, someone she can bounce ideas off of and be intellectually stimulated and inspired by (since she seems to have so many interests).

    I low-keyed shipped her with Mark too. They looked so amazing together in that pic of them at that Parker Institute charity event. But yes, too bad he is already married.
  4. Honestly I don't think she'll write anything about the breakup for LG5, I feel like most of the album is done.. Probably wrong but I don't know if it would fit to the rest of the writing
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  5. Who says she hasn't already written something? Relationships don't just end. There are usually events that lead up to that.
  6. yeah maybe, I remember her saying that there will be pain on it (but not only)
  7. Just saw the news. I feel terrible for her. Oh well, she'll find the right one for her someday.
  8. This kind of confirms ARTPOP as her True Blue: ebullient, lighthearted, and teeming with sheen - an album born out of giddiness and romance.

    So ready for her challenging, confessional, introspective Like A Prayer.
  9. I feel so sorry for her. She literally found herself someone that loved her for who she really was and he adored her and her antics in the public eye. I hope it was amicable and they can remain friends!
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  10. Her Hard Candy is upon us, then.
  11. Hard Candy was full of breakup lyrics, even though Madonna didn't want to admit it.
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  12. Aag


    Like A Prayer To The Chaos Angel.
  13. Why did I immediately think of this

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  14. Isn't that the exact opposite of what ARTPOP was born out of? I mean, didn't she actually say that it was a manifestation of rage?
  15. Oh, I really don't know. I was just going off of her being with Taylor at the time. But, really, the comparison was in jest because I've previously stated how I hope her new album sounds nothing like any other previous pop creation.
  16. To me, ARTPOP doesn't feel like a particularly personal album in Gaga's discography. (With certain exceptions being 'Swine', 'Dope', 'Gypsy', and 'Do What U Want'). The other songs were mainly about her personal relationships with her work rather than her actual private life. Probably because the turmoil surrounding her within her career was far more domineering than the apparent bliss she was experiencing in her love life at the time.

    As much as many on here hate to think of her as being a cliché tortured artist, I really think there has probably never been a greater example of a tortured artist saying "Fuck this" than ARTPOP. Even in the sense that you can kind of hear in the album that she couldn't really decide if she wanted to write radio-friendly pop hits or experimental avant-garde creations (which she even alluded to by toying with the idea of splitting the album into two volumes).

    So while I'm sure she was very happy with Taylor, there was so much else going on in her life that it kind of prevented her from creating an album that was directly inspired by their relationship and happiness. It doesn't particularly feel like his presence is on that album. ARTPOP sounds like frustration exploding into something weird and beautiful.
  17. Oh, I believe you and agree with much you've said. I just wasn't in any way being serious about the Madonna comparisons, which, to be honest, are often very cheap and poor. ARTPOP is far messier and more unhinged than the startlingly immaculate True Blue, anyway.
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  18. Oh I knew we were agreeing, I think I just went off on a tangent, oops.
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  19. After all these years, I still can't get over the Telephone video. The breathtaking explosion of pop anarchy. The DeMille-style cinematic spectacle. The first true glimpses of Beyoncé letting her hair down and fully embracing the grotesque. The clever nods to capitalism, women-in-prison, and Gaga's own rolodex of rumors. How it captures such a definitive, pivotal moment in her career - when her hunger and ambition oozed perfection and turned everything she touched into gold. It is a crown jewel not only in her videography but in any library of millennial clips, a reflection of the 21st century in all of its addictive and noxious glory.

  20. Telephone, Paparazzi, and Bad Romance remain her golden trifecta to me.
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