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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Top listener to Lady Gaga on has... prepare yourself... almost 70k listens... Yay, now I feel normal:
  2. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    That's over 17 days of Bad Romance, christ... Surely you'd grow sick of it?

    For some reason, Lovegame is my most played Gaga song. I'm blaming the new laptop. Before, I think it used to be Telephone.
  3. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Wow. That's excessive. Surely they've faked those? I mean in the beginning I was pushing like 30 plays a day of the song but that was only for a week then it went to like 10-15 and then now it's one or twice a day if shuffle puts it on.
  4. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    "Your musical compatibility with artBerfect is Unknown. Once artBerfect listens to more music, your compatibility score will be shown here."

    Yeah, he or she needs to play some more music.

    7151 plays of Gaga in the last 7 days - this is someone who just puts Gaga on a loop and goes to work and to sleep. Sad, really.
  5. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Yeahhhhh that's a bit excessive. Not sad though, different strokes for different folks. Popular artists like Gaga always have competition to be a top listener.
  6. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    That person is clearly faking it, which is quite sad. If you look at their history, it's mathmatically impossible.

    Well, seeing as it adds up to about 14 days in 7, they're doing something anyway...
  7. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Couldn't you just repeatedly move the song to the last few seconds and have it end like 1000 times? Though I guess that's equally or even more pathetic.
  8. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    And then you're the world's top Gaga listener, except you haven't actually listened to the songs at all, or not nearly as many times as your stats show. Well done!
  9. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I hate cheating. That person clearly hasn't listened to GaGa 12K times never mind play a single song that much, bad fan!
  10. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    For a song to scrobble on iTunes itself you have to listen to a portion of the song, over halfway I think. However, if you set your iPod to scrobble, you could do the "listen to two seconds and end" trick. I personally would rather have another reason to be known than as's top Gaga listener with 70k listens, but that's just me haha. More power to him though.
  11. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Not really. There's several methods of cheating (non of which I've tried fyi but it's what I've seen done..)

    One is the download you can get which works by playing a song, type the amount of times you want it to think it's been played and it changes the play count number in your iTunes to that number, you then sync that song to your iPod, leave it for a few hours, re-sync and scrobble will send that song plays to your iTunes.


    You just play the songs continuously whilst you sleep (which is just crazy, a waste of electricity).

    But I don't get cheating, just because your plays are high doesn't mean you'll earn respect or more friends; it could mean you have no life, iPod / iTunes addict or just a cheater.
  12. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    It's pretty obvious how they did it, they just set the parameters of the song to play the exact amount needed to scrobble, put it on repeat, and go about your business. It'd be surprisingly easy, actually.

    My favourite part is that one play of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. It's good to see them broadening their horizons a bit!
  13. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Err, I know, I listed one in my post haha. I don't put that much thought into it myself, but someone's gotta be a top listener, and for a huge pop star of course it's going to be someone who puts in the effort, in whatever way that may be.
  14. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Without bringing a missile barrage of pop warfare upon myself, I've sort of forgotten about Lady Gaga recently and I'm quite glad. Now we can get back to seeing 'normal' people on the music stations again (When MTV actually start playing music videos, that is). Sure, it'll be a bit more boring without her bleeding all over the place or eating a lesbian's breast, but there's only so long a gimmick can last and that term describes Lady Gaga to a T.
  15. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I would rather have her '' bleeding'' all over the place than ''normal'' people. I don't think she is a gimmick at all either, she writes her own music, sings extremely well and does not mime and has longevity.
  16. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Lady GaGa is hardly a gimmick. She worked hard before getting signed, got dropped god knows how many times has wrote countless songs not only for herself but some big names and is control of her artistic direction to the point of arguing with label heads about song choices, artwork and tours.

    A modern day gimmick would be some Disney singers and some other names (which will go unmentioned) who sing what people tell them, send out all the right messages and stand there looking pretty and polished.
  17. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Exactly, like Miley Cyrus. Also I think the extent to which she loves her fans is amazing and I think she is truly grateful for them and the chance she has been given, and as you can tell it has all payed off.
  18. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Wasn't this before she became a gimmick, though? She couldn't make a career as Stefani Germanotta and so she became Lady Gaga.

    I enjoy her music profusely and she has a great live singing voice, she dances averagely well and she's not entirely ugly, but I don't see any particular longevity in her.
  19. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Hahahahahahaha. Just stop, I can't even.
  20. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    An average of 1,105 songs per day!

    Mine is 163 and my friends thought I was crazy!
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