Lady Gaga


I wonder if they’ll be done before the projected May date we originally heard they’d wrap. I didn’t realize he worked so fast.
I'm dead at every Italian newspaper publishing daily articles about EXCLUSIVE TOP SECRET MYSTERIOUS LADY GAGA MOVIE SHOOT that list every city, every neighbourhood, every street, every building the shooting is scheduled to take place at + what, how, why and what time they filmed + which hotels the cast and crew are staying at, and with plenty of pictures, videos and interviews.
Considering Adam’s been quietly married to a non-famous woman for years, I think we can cross our fingers that we’ll be spared another long promo trail of “Is there something there?”

Well also considering it’s not a love story and rather a murdered my husband kind of story...
First controversy of the era and the movie isn't even out. I'm confused...wasn't she calling her a genius and saying that she likes the fact that Gaga will be bringing her character to life on screen earlier this year?
Also "respect" ummm?