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Whoever said Gucci is super popular with young audience and especially males aged 18-26 (I notice on forums about hype clothes etc) was right, and if you add them to Gaga's base (cigs and women)... blockbuster incoming!
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Patrizia’s story is as camp as Christmas anyway, so they really only had one way to go with the source material on offer - an assassination of a fashion boss in mid 90s Italy? By his wife? Camp. That being said I’m pretty confident that with the assembled cast and Ridley at the helm it’s not going to veer too far into melodrama, but I’m here for the kitsch of it all the same.

It all feels very showy awards-bait blockbuster drama and I’m not mad at all. Seeing her wander around Italy serving murderess looks in 80s/90s fashion for 2 hours sure will be fun.
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Can she even release the Act II material contractually? She's also made it clear that she doesn't want to look back at the era so I don't think there's much point to it.
Meet & Greets when lockdown ends:

This is meant to be a zany comedy, yes?

Someone working on the film said it's "kitschy, tragic, funny" and compared it to a soap opera

Continuing the ARTPOP discussion from the other thread, Paul posted this (and also took down his petition post dd)...

I'd love for them to work together again, more than I want to hear those older songs. I was bummed when he stepped away from "LG6" but understand he was going through it at the time with his sobriety and he's clearly still working on that. It's wild how fucked up of a situation ARTPOP was and how it has affected everyone involved in some way.
I really would love to see them reunite. I know that their sessions for A Star is Born yielded the goods but it’s not really the same scenario as a full release by her. I echo @Secret in that I think he’s the producer that has just *got her* the best - ARTPOP remains bizarre and brilliant and I will happily die on the hill of it standing as a worthy tentpole in her discography, then and now.

But... I would like to see her stretch her legs some more and work with more new people too. There is so much talent out there she could make magic with - some happy medium of the two would be ideal. She’s yet to encounter anyone who she hasn’t produced something great with, but I truly feel her opus is still ahead of us.