Lady Gaga

I feel so anxious seeing all these people with no masks, touching each other.

I just read that she is vaccinated but it‘s still weird to me ddd.
Everyone has shared such amazing thoughts about what this album meant to them, and perfectly described what it felt like to not feel totally comfortable in your skin but recognize the ambitions she had for acceptance and the queer community. She was never the panderer, she is the reason why they do. She set a standard. I was younger than most of you when Born This Way came out and, not even thinking about my sexuality, in the moment it always served as a celebration of acceptance and love. The image Gaga highlighted was that no matter who you are, there was a place for you. Knowing how things have changed ten years later, it's hard to look back and feel like this album hadn't provided me with hope or confidence in being gay. Whether it was coming out or living out romantic relationships, it makes you realize that you aren't alone in your feelings.

In the weirdest way, the album sounded like how she looked. The ten inch heels, all the different hair styles and colors, the leather jacket. The bike image on the cover seeming slightly less tacky when you realize the album sounds like a bunch of gasoline being lit up. Aside from the personal or political anecdote, the album elevated her in every single way. She brought rock into her synth-soundscape and gave "Lady Gaga" a whole new level of depth. There are seventeen songs, and no skips. Every song, and moment, of the era were extremely intentional. Nothing will ever feel like it.
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I feel so anxious seeing all these people with no masks, touching each other.

I just read that she is vaccinated but it‘s still weird to me ddd.

I'm guessing (hoping) that they required to see vaccination cards to enter. That's how i've seen bars near me do it. But who knows.
Got a little emotional at how content and humble she looks...laying there in the sun, getting cheered on by people who’s lives she’s undoubtedly changed, through inspiring their minds.

What an incredible album, it’s crazy to think she did that.

My moment with this album, and I think with her music in general, came in early 2018, when I decided it was time to accept myself, after denying who I was for years.

I’d skimmed over the album in secret back in high school, but hadn’t allowed myself to actually listen and take in what was being said.

To be honest, that first year of coming out, I was shitting my fucking pants in every aspect, knowing that shit would hit the fan, but also knowing I had so much catching up to do, mentally, emotionally - this is the album that helped me and began to inspire a change in my trains of thinking, it helped soothe the adjustment and made that journey that I was about to start just that bit lighter. The songs took on a new meaning when I listened.

It’s not only helped me accept myself more, but on days when I’d be trudging up the street feeling as lost as I’d ever been, or my head felt heavy, this album would get me through. It still gives me that little boost when I need it.

Also, ‘Marry The Night’ will always be the one for me. A masterpiece.