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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. ... Was I too ambitious?
  2. Seems especially unlikely from recent Kylie, who went with the safest most sanded down and obvious incarnations of country and disco possible. 90s Kylie might have done something a bit feisty with it.
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  3. Dd, I love Kylie, but I knew exactly how it'd sound when I heard she had "Marry the Night". I think the main problem with her version isn't that she played it straightforward, but the fact the vocal production isn't particularly good and it's actually hard to listen to.
  4. I was thinking about how Madonna would sound on one of the Born This Way songs (because I'm doing nothing with my summer) and I got anxious just thinking about it. BUT I do wonder how some of these artists who just don't have the pipes for Born This Way material would sound on stuff from some of her other albums. I could see Madonna sounding good on a few Joanne songs like Sinner's Prayer or Grigio Girls.
  5. Agreed, but to be fair, back in 2013/2014 she still might've Mr. President'ed it and given us the over-the-top cacophony we deserved. 90 % of her fans would probably hate it, but personally I'd be bopping.
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  6. NOT this Glitterizer reverse expedition.

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  7. Madonna on reworked Born This Way with Express Yourself doing the rounds in the background.

    Imagine a world like that.
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  8. Thinking about that actually makes me tired.

    Madonna might sound good on Bad Kids (though I'm not sure about the verses). I love that song.
  9. I honestly think either Madonna or Kylie would have been exciting on Heavy Metal Lover.

    Given better circumstances, I’d have say Britney on that song tho.
  10. Madonna doing the backing vocals on Government Hooker.
  11. Honestly... I would've SCREAMED if she did like an orchestral version of some of the tracks or something just off the wall like that. I would've at least liked her to throw in maybe a Jazz & Piano Live Recording of Born This Way or something. That's just me personally. I get between this and the Chromatica Remix she's letting all these other artists celebrate her music. I wouldn't mind her celebrating her own music a bit more too.
  12. The way this sentence basically sums up what every Little Monsters want to say to Gaga’s face post-ASIB.
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  13. I hate to admit it, but...I kinda like the Big Freedia version of Judas better than the original? But then again, Judas is just not a song I have that much love for. It's good and the pure racket expedition it takes you on is interesting but it leaves me cold. It also has one of the weaker choruses on the album and among her singles discography.
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  14. Now sis...

  15. I fully expect and probably deserve to get flak for that opinion but gotta speak my truth. It's the Raichu (born this) way.
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  16. It's baffling to me that they gave Marry The Night to anyone to be honest. But particularly to Kylie, who I adore, but is just the wrong choice. That vocal production is offensive.

    But this is the woman who gives Slow an iconic new performance every time she does it, but still manages to keep it hyper sexual. If she's not the one to have a bash at Heavy Metal Lover, I don't know who is.

  17. A sexed-up Kylie "Heavy Metal Lover" would have been so great.
  18. Just watched her talk with Bernice King. Her intelligence, eloquence and compassion never ceases to amaze me
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  19. Can be viewed here

  20. Dissapointing this Born This Way project gonna end up with 4 white twinks. Thank god for Big Freedia.

    Anyway whens the remix album coming
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