Lady Gaga

Oof I was not expecting more ARTPOP discourse from her!

I kinda get her frustration in that quote. The Angela Cheng thing was posting straight up made up lies, and there were some actual more well known sites that took what they posted as fact, and cited it (the $25 million dollar Interscope loss thing, mainly)
Iconic. This gif lives rent-free in my mind *artpop*


update: this one too.

@Trinu 3.0 your contribution to the era is a classic. Thanks.
“I hope your prostitution have worked!” never fails to take me to another plane.
Am I really late to the party, or has the Dolly Atmos version of Chromatica on Apple Music always listed her as Lady GaGa? Made me giggle when I saw her name shift to Gaga when I turned Atmos off.
As if we didn't already know but it looks like Chromatica Ball is dust. When she was asked about touring all she said was that she would be in Vegas.
Her reply to the question about touring on Graham Norton seemed to confirm the Chromatica tour won’t be happening?

Not a surprise but she seemed to have completely forgotten about its existence.

A refund would be nice.
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It's cute she joked about us going to see her in Vegas, but we really need some clarity if the tour isn't on the cards anymore. She said after speaking about Vegas that she'll be 'touring other music', but that's a bit vague.