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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. She’s made it to the long list for the BAFTAs. Nominations will be revealed on February 2nd.
  2. House of Gucci over-performed at BAFTA and SAG today... Gaga's in 100% at the Oscars and could very well be the frontrunner after Kristen Stewart was snubbed at SAG.

    We could be looking at the first person to win AOTY and Best Actress in the same year.
  3. Kristen missing a nod means the race just blew open again. Drop more crazy media comments Gaga, quick.
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  4. I was thinking it would be just really cool if she gets nominated but the fact that she has a legit chance now ddd.
  5. I've always been sure she'd bag the Oscar nomination because they need the attention, especially if they end up delaying the ceremony need the Extra buzz. Everybody wants the Gaga flies. Now winning... that's a little tricky thing.
  6. I‘ve never expected a win but if there’s one thing with Gaga it’s to never underestimate her. She’s such an unknown quantity, you just never know.
  7. This is a nice interview
  8. Another day, another soundbite

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  9. RJF


    The way that something quieter than silence followed her question…
  10. I need to get high with her.
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  11. Dd god she’s so awkward. I love it.
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    nn I love her way of calling the edit "brave" to translate into cutting a lot of parts she valued

  13. Gaga thinking and believing she's reinvented acting and is Ingrid Bergman reincarnated and that her work on this changed the course of cinema forever, I don't know a better woman.
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  14. Queen of method acting, Stella Adler whomst
  15. I enjoyed the film but Ridley was correct in not making the running time longer.
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  16. RMK


    I don't know one person who wasn't at all bored during the second hour when they honed in on Paulo and Aldo. Even subtracting my own stan-tainted view, it just felt like the run time was long and some of it was inessential. I would've rather seen more of the Patricia and the aftermath, if anything.
  17. The response from every other actress literally being

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  18. I'm losing it at J-Hud's reaction.
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  19. Dddd this reply

  20. Agreed. The film's pacing was dreadful. It could have lost 40 minutes and been a much tighter (and campier) affair. I felt like Gaga and Jared were acting in an entirely different film to the rest of the cast.

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