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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I admit I would kill for the woman despite the several betrayals she's put us through, but I sort of like how cringy and awkward she gets. I find it... endearing? I've seen people be unnecessarily mean in their reactions to her harmless dorkery. Lighten up, kids!
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  2. She's always been the ultimate tryhard theater kid. Yes, the whole "I spoke exclusively in an italian accent for 9 months" and "I get drunk off the prop drinks" thing is a bit cringe but this is the woman that did that extended monologue as Joe Calderone at the VMAs as some sort of elaborate performance piece/tribute to her dad/Luc. This is who she is. She always takes it a bit too seriously.
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  3. I think in general she needs to lighten up but that is entirely at odds with her whole career so far ddd. But just one project to have some fun with and not totally exhaust herself wouldn’t go amiss.
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  4. I don't know if I told this at the time, but the second time I went to see A Star Is Born at the time with my mother and two young women sat in the row before us. Within the first five minutes of the film, their conversation went like this:

    A: She looks a bit like Lady Gaga, doesn't she?
    B: That IS Lady Gaga?
    A: Is it really? Oh No. I HATE Lady Gaga!
    B: Haha, no it really IS HER.
    (2 minutes later)
    A: I'm sorry she looks SO ugly.

    I was shaking with bewilderment and 1000% ready to fucking flip on them in front of my mother. Happy to say that they not only shut up starting from the Shallow-performance right until the end but they also left the cinema as sobbing messes.
  5. How did anyone walk into a theater to see A Star Is Born and not know Lady Gaga was in it? Did they not have access to television, radio, magazines, and you know, the internet.
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  6. I can see her playing the fabulous kooky aunt in a comedy drama or something. A cute mixed reviewed Netflix moment without the Oscar buzz/pressure. I'm sure she'd still be in award season conversations anyway ddd.
  7. My takeaway from Gucci was that it would have made an incredible HBO Max miniseries.

    Gaga’s performance was incredible but there was just way to much content to get through in the runtime.

    Also in the context of the film I thought the accent was spot on, they trolled her so hard putting all the most ridiculous lines in the promo.
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  8. I still haven‘t watched it ddd.
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  9. Cinemas have been closed just before I tried to go so... It'll be a while before I see it too.
  10. Same. It's not a moment in time where she needs our full support is it? Like A Star Is Born was. I'll watch when I watch but don't feel 'omg bad fan' for not seeing it sooner.

    Also am on a 3/3 high of fantastic films right now - after Parallel Mothers, Power of The Dog and Liquorice Pizza.
  11. I haven't either. I'm going to watch it when it's on a streaming service.
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  12. This is exactly how I felt after watching the movie. It really would have been a fantastic miniseries. They tried to fit in so many stories and the movie just ended up being overstuffed tbh. It felt like multiple movies in one sometimes. I would have loved if they spent more time on the murder plot and the aftermath.

    Overall it was pretty enjoyable but the movie/director kind of failed her. She still delivered a great performance and I'm so glad she's getting a lot of acclaim and praise from critics and the industry. I mean potentially getting a Best Actress Oscar nom for her 2nd leading role too? Legendaric. Gaga absolutely CARRIES the movie on her shoulders and that's what she deserves.
  13. The movie definitely suffers from Ridley not knowing if he wants to tell a story about Patrizia and the marriage breakdown or a story about the wider family/business dynamics. The strength of Gaga’s performance means they really should have focused on the former, but I understand the wider picture is important.

    The real win is that she’s proven herself a box office draw and received amazing notices in spite of the muddy plot and editing. She can pretty much pick her roles here on out, and I’m hoping to see her stretch her legs and experiment.
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  14. I really have no interest to ever watch this movie, I will wait for a fan to cut all her best scenes (which, to whatever fan this is will probably be every scene she's in) into a mega mashup youtube compilation.
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  15. I would appreciate never having to sit through Jared Leto’s… offering ever again in my godforsaken life.
  16. To be honest he's the reason I've not watched yet.
  17. I have no desire to watch the film. I mean I am glad she is getting the recognition and attention she deserves but even when it's on a streaming site, I will avoid it there too.

  18. House Of Gucci script. I believe there are some scrapped scenes in there.
  19. It's just a rumor but this would be amazing IF done right. Bradley is gonna be busy directing and staring in the Leonard Bernstein biopic this year anyway. So even if it's happening, it definitely won't be the House of Gucci follow-up. I can see her doing a role or two before it (especially if those rumors about her doing a rom-com/joining MCU are true).

  20. RJF


    nn she's not doing another album for years.
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