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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Cabaret is an amazing movie. It does not need to be remade. And she doesn't need to spend her movie career redoing Judy, Barbra, and Liza.
  2. I will agree that she probably needs to avoid another remake too soon, but she would knock that role out of the park. If Bradley was more focused on retooling the story like the stage adaption did, it could be an interesting new take.
  3. I think a supporting role next would be cute for her. Something fun and lighthearted where she doesn't have to be miserable for months or live in fear of a murdered on set. I'm not a big fan of superhero movies but I think a Marvel blockbuster would do wonders too, although she said that she is only doing them if they "meaningful" and have something to say.

    And I am almost sure we are getting another album next year, to be honest hopeful. She will keep the 3-year break between studio albums.
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  4. HMD


    I agree. It got a little boring (but also felt rushed) after the first 2 hours. A miniseries would have been better.
  5. re: The remake of Cabaret. I think it would be really interesting if they do the 1989 stage revival version. I really doubt a Cabaret remake would do well critically or commercially, but that's what we said about A Star Is Born as well.

    I also think that another singing role so soon would be meh, but as I said, it's clearly not happening anytime soon and she will have another project/role out before it. If it happens.
  6. But if it were to stay more true to the theater version than isn't Sally supposed to be a sort of an average/not great singer? Isn't that what theatre purists complaint about the 1972 movie is? That Liza is too good? So why cast another great singer if thats the plan.

    Just leave it alone. Greenlight new ideas. Stop remaking things that are already perfect.
  7. Me showing my Cabaret ticket to the door guy at the theater in 2024 by which point she still won't have given us a follow-up to Chr*matica:

  8. These “trying to gain rights” gives me “in 10 years it will be greenlit and then 5 years to prepare the actual movie”. But for both, Cooper as a Director especially, it would be better to stay away from remakes for some time now.

    I believe after this award season she’ll take a break, might start working on new music but nothing too serious and, by second semester, she’ll probably have something to do.

    Apart from a World Tour promised in 2020 and they’re yet to confirm dates.
  9. RMK


    Something unrealistic I would be interested in for her is another television show. Hotel will never be my favorite American Horror Story season, but she knocked her role out of the park and seeing her onscreen once a week was fun as a viewer.
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  10. RJF


    The only way she's returning to TV is to get into Emmy contention for something, so say goodbye to fun.
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  11. We really needed her screen career to flop like Madonna’s.
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  12. Ironic or not, the Emmy shouldn’t be THAT hard to get since there are 273736 possibilities, yet she’s flopping on these. Monster Ball special does have one but she’s not credited, and so does Til It Happens To You I think.

    The recent wave on content from Love For Sale (Unplugged, Documentary, Live Concert) might get something, but she can also just sign something as producer later and win.
  13. I’d love to see her do Cabaret on the stage. Not so much on the screen.
  14. Us by Summer of 2024:
  15. This is where I'm at. Long movies feel like you're being held captive and Gaga is literally the only thing I would be interested in.

    And si I agree; this would’ve made more sense as a one off miniseries on Netflix or something.
  17. R92


    Still waiting for my Gucci tie-in Italodisco album x
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  18. If she's going to show up in the MCU (why are people bringing this up she really is an actor first now sksk) I'll only accept her as Madame Web.

    It could be high fashion and I can hear the unhinged soundbites about spiders and being blind and clairvoyance now.
  19. So Cabaret, MCU, some TV show that wins her an Emmy and let‘s not forget a musical to get a Tony.

    All while I am still waiting for a full Venus video.
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