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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I think the rumors are saying Emma Frost or Sue Storm. We already know she turned down the role of Clea in Doctor Strange in 2020 though iirc.
  2. This is certainly an image that exists...
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  3. But where is Out of Control?
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  4. Agnes, ha impact!
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  5. This. Even though I would love to see Gaga as Sally, I absolutely don't need two thirds of her movie output to be remakes of classic movie musicals. 'A Star Is Born' has a long history of being revisited on film, but 'Cabaret' is a lightning-in-a-bottle moment. Gaga shouldn't go anywhere near it.

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  6. Cabaret is one of my favorite musicals and I don't think a theatrical remake is even necessary, but if Gaga is going to be anywhere near one, I would sooner prefer to see her as like, a genderbent Emcee (so she could get up in her Klaus Nomi Fame Monster gig) than as Sally.
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  7. Honestly I would take remakes of classic gay icon musicals over Marvel/franchise movies.

  8. Excuse me… a year ago?!
  9. A whole year already? When is she gonna release the findings of her investigation?
  10. A piano demo of Nothing On' and a snippet of a track called Hallelujah leaked in the past few days.
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  11. Along with the official instrumental of her I Want Your Love. I’m so happy.
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  12. Dying at the artist assigned by Interscope to reimagine the TFM cover just cropping one of her old pieces and calling it a day!

  13. It is unfortunate considering that she has a fanbase that would love to have the opportunity and create something amazing for this (myself including) ... what a joke she is.

    It's amazing how her vocals really elevate it, don't get me the instrumental is great but the vocals just take it to another level.
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  14. Well damn sis don't sugarcoat it
  15. Sorry, the artist not Gaga. You know Gaga would not have chosen her.
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  16. I figured, it just threw me off dd. It's super weird that this artist just pulled a literal *spins wheel* with her archive. Guess Interscope's checks clear quickly!
  17. I love Nothing On so much I wouldn't mind her dusting it off and plonking it on the tracklist of a future album with a few touch-ups. I'd take an excellent tweaked leak over more Bl**dp*p KIIS FM stock drops with my eyes closed.

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  18. I have so many questions about the "piano demo" of Nothing On (But The Radio). The vocal is literally the studio acapella from and exact same take as the demo that leaked over a decade ago, and I've seen it tagged as a "2019 Rework Demo", so it a legitimate version/base for an eventual fully produced rework that never panned out, or is the multitrack out there and a fan slapped the vocals over their own piano accompaniment? I'd also still love to know why a different vocalist is spliced in at the end of every chorus and in the middle eight - was it meant to be pitched to someone else and Gaga didn't have time or whatever to finish it so a studio singer filled in the rest? Also apparently it's been pitched to Addison Rae now, but the snippet I heard was a) awful quality and b) could have been anyone; it's not like Addison herself has the most distinct voice.

    This song is fascinating.
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  19. R92


    I still love this leak despite it feeling a bit by-the-numbers for her.
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  20. Finding out 'Nothing On' was supposed to be on ARTPOP was a real salt in the wound moment. I've always adored the song and wished it was released, so finding out it was so close to making the cut but was scrapped is so disappointing. I'm assuming the piano version is made from the stems, so hopefully whoever has them can share the full track in proper high quality with us.
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