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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. RJF


    She gave up the moment The Joanne Tour got cancelled. Her music career has been stasis.
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  2. Gaga at the exact moment when the acting job gets a small slip\no universal acclaim but favourable reviews.

    followed by

    I think there's a lot to explore as a musician, still. Like, not only achievements (She can still work to snatch that AOTY with her own work on the Grammys instead of whatever they're doing for Love 4 Sale), but just musically itself. Bring on the original Jazz recordings. Go full acapella. Whatever, as long as she's involved and actually INTO it.
  3. Maybe I really just phrased this wrong but what I am trying to say is it's probably a lot more exciting when there are so many more avenues to go down with film. Directors she's never met, costars she hasn't worked with, new genres, etc. There's just a lot more to explore and considering she's made six pop albums, two jazz albums, seven tours, two wouldn't be surprising if this new medium was a little more exciting for someone who's done pop for 14 years.
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  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Chromatica was so disappointing we just want to see her making movies now, eh?
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  5. Also supposedly there’s some buzz that she might be the female lead opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker sequel.
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  6. We're eating today. Let me add this to the list of her rumored roles.
  7. Goog as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar would kinda slay actually. I need her rendition of I Don't Know How To Love Him in my life
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  8. This smells heterosexual.
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  9. Why? Wasn't the first awful one enough?
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  10. People supposedly loved it (I haven’t watched it). I’d prefer her be in a Harley Quinn movie with the “boring” Margot Robbie. At least it’d be fun.
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  11. And y'all complained about Chromatica. We had it so good back then.

  12. She is a singer yall
  13. RMK


    You can tell she was ready to give Chromatica this full masterclass campaign knowing all the goodwill surrounding her. Even if Joanne and ARTPOP took her out, the lead back to a full-formed dance pop album was clearly a goal and she was ready to give it all her energy. Looking back at that album, the funniest part is that no matter what she did there was so much public support that it would always be successful.

    And Chromatica did always feel like a celebratory last-hurrah type moment before she dove into other projects, but the pandemic clearly took her out of it. And then it's sort of awkward because.. I doubt she's extremely happy with how it turned out? It has the numbers and success, but I'm sure seeing all your plans evaporate and not driving to keep up with them is tough.
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  14. Now Gaga playing Mary Magdalene... I might have to become a career-in-film apologist and attack longtime fans by telling them they only want RedOne bawpz!!1!!1 if I need to.

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  15. RMK


    The only reason Chromatica didn't have a third single is likely Gaga herself, no? 911 was tested on different playlists, and Sour Candy blew up alongside Rain On Me. Pop radio wasn't here for her anymore, that's fair, but she still notched a top ten on the format with no promotion and.. No label wouldn't want to follow up a number one single.
  16. She’ll likely need to flop again (or go through another perceived flop cycle) before she feels the need to gag us again with music. Nn
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  17. This bang-on encapsulation of my winter mental state
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