Lady Gaga

Next time please specify fan fiction authors as your source xx

I actually didn’t know it stemmed from there but I kind of hope it’s true to watch the girls meltdown at the tip they didn’t want being the one to come good.

The idea of her trying to navigate all out war on the set in her press run may turn out to be the best acting she does this decade.

Gaga as Harley (if that's what that item was aiming at) would actually be kind of fantastic. Therefore, it's an idea that deserves better than a sequel that Joaquin Phoenix so-called "movie."

Gaga as Zatanna would be ideal.
Mary Jane Holland came on shuffle, and I always think that whatever twink convinced her to take out the high note on "AND CHEAP GIIIIIIIIIIINN!!!!!" when she played him the demo in her car as she was leaving a hotel in Prague or something needs to be scorned at the town square.