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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. It’s not perfect, and I don’t love it, but it’s at least better than whatever that “anime” graphic Dua Lipa was selling last year on her site… which was truly ugly. And looked like someone traced a low res anime still and called it a day.
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  2. So it’s finally coming
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  3. Imagine a Gaga and Zimmer track.

    I know he probably did the score but still.
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  4. Didn't someone who's heard the song say its fairly in keeping with the vibe of Take My Breath Away? Or did I make that up?
  5. I think so, and Harold Falteremeyer was involved with the original and various other 80s synthy film score moments. Let's celebrate that!
  6. I don’t remember seeing that. I do remember Giorgio Moroder saying something back in 2019 about being involved in the theme, though. So that’s probably where that came from.
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  7. They filmed the poster, it's definitely on there!
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  8. first screening is in two and a half weeks
  9. oh my godd
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  10. Suddenly im a little pilot
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  11. So does this mean she did a theme song? Some of her melodies are used as part of the score?
  12. She did the theme song.
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  13. Tom Cruise and Miles Teller have a love scene set to an orchestral arrangement of LoveGame.
  14. I wanna take a ride on your JoyStick
  15. This "music by" composer co-credit has got to mean something though, no? I wonder if she's actually involved with the score? Those Chromatica interludes got her inspired dd.

  16. RJF


    She’s most likely listed there as she’ll be the only artist to have a song on the soundtrack that isn’t the score by Hans. Technically speaking, the song was composed for the film. I’m pretty sure this happened with someone else’s soundtrack contribution too.
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  17. Movie soundtrack theme songs tend to be very grandiose, I am hoping to be blown away. I doubt she'd be involved if it wasn't a good enough song for her liking (I'm assuming she did not write it)
  18. Rob Thomas confirmed she wrote it. I doubt she'd sing a song for a movie she'd have 0 involvement in writing or co-producing.

    I'm aware this is a joke but the original is homoerotic enough that it's not outside the realm of possibility dd.
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  19. I’m sure it has to do with her writing the “theme” song for the film and Hans Zimmer using the music she did and implementing it into the score. Somewhat like what he did with Imogen Heap for The Holiday.
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