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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  2. You don’t follow up the original theme with …acoustic guitars. That dude is trolling, i hope!
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  3. Why am I slavering over the prospect of new Gaga so much? It honestly feels like she hasn’t released music in about 5 years.
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  4. Whoops.

    “Late 80’s/Early 90’s blockbuster soundtrack power ballads.”
  5. Lady Gaga is bringing back songs recorded and released by Lady Gaga ddd. Anyways I was just street-teaming for Bree, more people need to get on the Run(a)way Train!
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  6. Well you got me stanning this Bree song. I didn’t know she sang I thought she just rapped or whatever.
  7. That artwork is great and giving me "Joanne" vibes (or maybe it's because of "hold my hand, stay Joanne" connection I made up for some reason).
    And I really don't mind anyone being overly excited about this after what "Traumatica" did to us.
  8. He never said the guitars were acoustic....
  9. You better listen to one of the best pop songs in the last 5+ years, then:

  10. Not the girls clutching their pearls at the slightest mention of a guitar again!
  11. It actually gives me the same vibe of the B&W pictures from the album booklet where she's holding some headphones with her hair blowing.
  12. Sam


    Nn I lied, I can’t wait
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  13. Will the key change be earned?! We just don’t know
  14. R92


    To be fair, there are guitars that happen to be electric.
  15. Please let her recreate this 80s classic from Pat Benatar MBE
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  16. Literally just a tank and dog tag, but it's nice to see her in styling that isn't 2012 aping drag or high glam for movies or jazz. Let's see if the song gives.
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  17. A purposeful misinterpretation of my misreading = a Classic pop Justice by the numbers reply!
  18. RMK


    Looks like Gaga herself has a production credit, which was something absent during Chromatica.
  19. Fun fact but Gaga was barely 1 month old when the first movie came out. The way she's singing the theme song for the sequel at 36 is sending me.
  20. Top Gun is camp, and if anyone can channel it's spirit for a sequel...

    I have faith in Gags
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