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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. They better recreate this:

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  2. If it's a musical, she can not only get an Oscar or two for the movie, but also nab a Tony from reprising her role in the stage adaptation, and get one step closer to EGOT... mind of a mastermind.
  3. Is the Joker hate literally just because incels love it and identified with the character? Ddd

    Like, it clearly wasn’t made for them and is pretty much another case of The Fight Club / Matrix / etc. Seems a bit immature to dismiss something that definitely has artistic merit just because it was embraced by an unsavory audience, or was overhyped/overrated. It’s puzzling to me because it pretty much only gets dragged in this kind of terminally-online gay space.
  4. The way it purposefully wallowed in misery and tried to pass it off as gravitas, the way it directly tied mental illness to extreme violence and even made excuses and glamorized the depravity on screen as the logical conclusion of a lifetime of being "wronged" left a very sick taste in my mouth. Not to mention it didn't have an original bone in its body.

    I definitely don't see the artistic merit in something that cribs wholesale from Taxi Driver and King of New York, but takes out any sort of nuance and thoughtfulness. Also I have no idea how someone can compare it to Fight Club (a satire of toxic masculinity) or The Matrix (a metaphor for the trans experience) when Joker seemed tailor made to court a specific audience of disaffected white men blaming society for their problems and the aforementioned movies were made specifically to antagonize them.
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  5. Just watch Taxi Driver instead luv
  6. It was absolutely made for incels.
  7. In other news!
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  8. RMK


    That’s two very scary pieces of information: she’s playing a character Margot Robbie is unanimously loved as, and starring in a musical adaption of Joker. I need air.

    On the bright side, we know she’d be writing the music.
  9. I also think we're entitled to dislike a movie based on who it was made for... incels who love to see their internal self-loathing and murder filled fantasies played out in a world where people actually sympathize with it.

    I did see it. The entire thing was dour, and not even Joaquin could save it from being a derivative plotless mess obsessed with its own hollow social commentary. I left feeling gross and not for the reason the director wanted people to.
  10. Screaming at a Joker musical. This is going to be hilarious
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  11. If there was a possibility she could've done Wicked and she turned it down to do... this..... Girl.
  12. The second one whsjjdisiw
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  13. This has so much potential. I’d rather her create original new music. She’s already written demented fun-house music before that’s generally her best work (Replay, John Wayne, Bloody Mary, etc.)

    Basically this:

    The way her name continues to generate conversation. It gives me that buzz!
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  14. I don‘t think I am ready for the years of many J J J Joker Face jokes.
  15. I thought Joker was good, Joaquin was brilliant. As a musical though? Not sure, but I'm interested to see it.
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  16. Well I hate it but I guess that's what Mama does best now. Let me get back to playing Hold My Hand.
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  17. It's a little disheartening that music is a side hustle for her now but at least we have the Chromatica Ball to look forward to. And whatever music Joker will have, I guess.
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  18. *cackles in Jennifer Hudson's producer credits*
  19. Damn this news is really spreading. But... it seems like too fake of a rumor for it to be true, I'd be kind of surprised if it is.
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