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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. If Hollywood Reporter and Deadline are reporting on it then it’s true.
  2. Yeah I think if it was fake, someone would have said something by now. It's been getting a lot of traction online. People look excited.
  3. R92


    The press tour is going to be an utter nightmare and I can’t wait.
  4. The rumor has been around for like 6 months now since Deuxmoi posted it. I really feel like she's already in even if it's being reported that she's in "early talks" right now.
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  5. Do I double check if I bumped in some random topic at the TV + Film section everytime I get here?
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  6. "I've wanted to play Harley Quinn since I was 5" incoming.
  7. It feels like a deliberate "scoop" dropped by the studio to gauge reaction. The media didn't report too much on the rumors months ago but suddenly they're doing so now. Sounds like they got the go-ahead from the studio to start talking.
  8. Can't believe it's been almost 6 years since Joanne.
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  9. Yeah, I was thinking about that. It was the last time she really was in popstar mode.

  10. Top 5 in her videography and that's saying something.
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  11. RMK


    I'm okay with her taking a breather before the next album. If she's not fully invested, there's just no point in forcing it. Her catalogue is bulletproof, and I'll survive.

    Though music does feel a little less essential to her right now, she still hasn't really stopped. In the past year we've gotten Dawn of Chromatica, Love For Sale, and Hold My Hand. I'm ready for The Chromatica Ball to be a celebration of her pop music, and last hurrah until she's ready to go full-force into it again.
  12. Imagining her and Joaquin on the press tour.

  13. If Joker 2: The Re Up is a musical, she will very obviously be involved in the creation of the music. How exactly would that be putting music on the back burner lol? Her heavy involvement in ASIB is why that entire era was so much fun to follow. It's going to be the same this time around.
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  14. My brain is still trying to process that the Joker (2019 film) sequel is going to be a musical... how is this going to work?? I wonder if they're going to do a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-esque storyline where Harley imagines her life as a musical or something?
  15. If you want an example of a bleak, heavy, gritty musical:

  16. I still haven't recovered from this.
  17. Meanwhile, Joker 2 will serve

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  18. It really does feel like she's trying to continue to contribute music but in different ways. I don't really blame her though, I'm sure she also is likely tired of the album > makeup > video > tour cycle.
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  19. I'm screaming at the prospect of the follow-up to Chromatica being the Joker: Folie à Deux OST. That year's BPG rate is going to be interesting.
  20. Yeah my point was that music usually means performances, videos, lewks etc. Hold My Hand is also technically music but... you know...
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