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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. It’s not the choice I would make for her, but she is the only person I can think of whose charisma is big enough to make it work opposite Joaquin.
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  2. The likes….she IS the moment, now come on now!
  3. Mom’s already started doing research! She is a method actress, after all.
  4. Already salivating thinking about the press tour. The looks and the drama she'll bring... can't wait!
  5. Ironically, there's probably a lot less pressure to make music for a movie than there is to make music for her fans.
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  6. I'm not familiar with the model for soundtrack albums, but won't the movie production also foot the bill when it comes to recording, thus minimizing her risk?
  7. It's great that she's supporting a new artist on her socials but I almost had a heart attack this morning when I was sleepily pressing through her Instagram story and saw 'GAGA New Single Out Now'.
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  8. I'm still waiting

  9. The tweet doesn't mention her at all though
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  10. Sometimes I remember when Gaga's store emailed about this planned £100 bundle and then never released it. 2011 me used to check her store every day waiting to see if it was available to buy.
  11. I feel like Joker was taken a little too seriously by some people? I only just watched it in like October, so I don't know what the conversation surrounding the movie was but I really enjoyed it as a study of the Joker. It was an interesting take on the world of Gotham and the character, but I wasn't expecting anything actually groundbreaking or thoughtprovoking because I don't think the Joker is a character that can start conversations like that. He's a very surface level guy. Controlled chaos, psychotically smart, with an air of mystery that never goes as deep as "Who is this guy?" which the movie answered anyway. That's the Joker, for the most part. (And I'm still unsure whether the Joker in the movie is supposed to be the Joker, archenemy of Batman considering the massive difference in their age but that's just specualtion on my part) So obviously a movie about him is gonna be dour and dark but not too deep. So I'm interested to see what a musical sequel with Lady Gaga playing Harley Quinn (or at least, this Joker's version of Harley Quinn) will be like.
  12. Does that iPhone pocket sock come with a cock ring attached or am I tripping.
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  13. U horny
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  14. Yes.
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  15. Still waiting for it… the homophobia
  16. Interested to see how this will develop.
  17. Her name alone caused buzzing headlines for days once this news broke out?? There are plenty of other viral tweets that do more explicitly mention her name though:

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  18. The way they'd easily want £400 for this these days.
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