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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Tchami will never not make me convince it is a weird typo for Tami Chynn.

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  2. I never wanted a solo Rain On Me all that bad, but I would have liked a solo Sour Candy just to see if it would end up being any less disjointed sounding. I actually think the track on Madison Love's demo is better than the final one.

    But really the only song we absolutely should have gotten a solo version of is Shallow. She will perform it for the rest of her life and she'll always be doing it solo, except for like a 20th anniversary celebration of A Star Is Born at The Hollywood Bowl. At the height of its success they should have released an EP that had multiple versions of it.
  3. Still waiting for the Shallow 80s version hinted by Mark.
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  4. I think it's time for a b-side/unreleased collection as well as maybe digital reissues to celebrate her 15th anniversary next year and tie any loose ends streaming-wise.
  5. A b-sides/unreleased collection from Lady Gaga, who barely make any effort to celebrate her own reissues?

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  6. Speaking of b-sides, i'm still sad to this day that the masterpiece that is Nothing On but the Radio was not released properly, and ended up being used as a trash metal track. A memorable homophobic popinjustice
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  7. Interscope will absolutely keep those unreleased songs in a vault to milk for a bunch of posthumous releases.
  8. I don't know, even though I feel old thinking she's been around for almost 15 (????!!!?!) years officially, it also looks a bit too early for the type of "B-side collection & Complete Reissues". It would have been cute to throw in 1 or 2 songs for The Fame and Born This Way, but putting out whole vault content feels like she's not around anymore\will take 10 years between each album.

    Save these things for "The Fame (30th Anniversary - The Age of Success Edition)" when everybody is old enough and forgot how Rockshow or Shake Ur Kitty sounds like ddd.
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  9. RMK


    B-sides would be great, and a smart move to tide fans over when she's probably not releasing another album for a minute. I remember reading a few years ago that a lot of tracks are probably tied up with Troy (@mindtrappa probably knows this better), and I do wonder how that would effect that type of project. It could've just been ARTPOP.
  10. If Gaga were to release Out of Control somehow before a full version leaks, that'd be a scream.
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  11. I think it's mainly stuff with the app that is tied up with him. But I also think Gaga probably doesn't want to do anything with those songs for various reasons, but maybe the fan campaign last year changed her mind. She's been talking about wanting to do an unreleased compilation for ages.
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  12. Nothing On But The Radio this is your chance!
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  13. Whoever releases Nothing On But The Radio deserves my stanning.
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  14. Or the fucking movie trailer version with the killer vocals. That last chorus has always lacked a bit of grit for me, when we know they're sitting on that version.

    I also just rediscovered Second Time Around. WHAT A SONG. That chorus - Jesus wept. Incredible.
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  15. Personally, while it aint her peak/arguably best… Chromatica dropping in lockdown was a Fuckin god send! And as for Rain On Me … well .. Smash in every way!
  16. Yeah, Chromatica was a lifeline in quarantine (along with Sawayama, shoutout) and I'm still here for its slightly antiseptic eurodance vibe. Sure, it could have gone harder but it's cute for what it is.
  17. This. I remember seeing the film at TIFF and how whelmed I was when we got the washed down live vocals after looping the trailer so many times. I get why they changed it for the film, but would have loved to have the superior version.
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  18. Second Time Around and No Way... icon sisters.
  19. Michael Bearden is in Italy too. Wonder if they will stay there till the tour starts.
  20. RIP to this icon!

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