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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Oh no what a legend.
  2. Oh I loved seeing her Facebook posts. They were so heartwarming, she’ll be missed.
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  3. Gaga is currently singing Always Remember Us This Way at some private wedding in… Italy dddd.

    Will we finally get it on the Chromatica tour?
  4. They probably requested her to sing it dd (and she got paid $2 million, so she's gonna do it)

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  5. Not these rich ass Italians getting this exclusive ARUTW performance.

    This is extremely homophobic.
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  6. Imagine being so obscenely rich, you can book Lady Gaga as a wedding singer and even put in requests.

    It's time to eat the rich.

    The only thing that gives me some solace is the way she would constantly interrupt her 10 minute set they paid $200K a minute for to speak American accented Italian and share stories about making spaggheti with meatballs.
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  7. This reminds me of when I asked a girl I was working with what she was doing after our shoot and she said her father who was Elton John's keyboardist (word?) was playing a private event, only for me to look at my obscenely wealthy Russian friend's Snapchat and realize it was a family wedding she attended and Mariah performed too.
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  8. I'm so here for the blonde bob and ARUTW combo.
  9. How the other half live
  10. Well...the other 1% haha.
  11. I’ve always assumed that was the irony of the saying (although now I’ve used it, I realise I don’t actually know the origin of it)
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  12. Screaming at the replies

  13. I'm screaming
  14. I honestly always forget Hold My Hand even exists until someone posts about it here.
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  15. She's in her make-up tutorial Youtuber era now

  16. Thanks, I was looking for new ASMR videos.
  17. I know she’s mad she can’t get away with 2 second clips on her Instagram story now dd
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  18. She looks great but man this whole...thing is bleak.
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