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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. She's got great products. It's not bleak. It's not like she's cancelling her tour to sell makeup.
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  2. We see so little of her that to see her pop up in a sub-Jeffree Star makeup tutorial video feels odd and slightly beneath her. But she's a capitalist Queen and making these makeup peddling videos was probably part of the Sephora deal so it is what it is. The era of the mysterious, elusive superstar really is over.
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  3. Well if you want to be mad at how little we see of her, that's something to complain about. I have similar complaints.
    And yeah, a lot of brand founders do videos with Sephora. But I love that she's doing them herself when she could've easily just had Sarah or someone else on her team do them.
  4. All the girls are doing tutorials, I wouldn’t say it’s beneath Gaga at all. Even Rihanna does them, and she’s in a position culturally (and in terms of her brand already being wildly successful) where she doesn’t need to. It’s honestly something Haus Labs should have been doing from the start

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  5. She's in the UK. They're apparently filming the interludes today. I bet they'll stay there and rehearse for the tour.
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  6. The way this could be a tweet fresh out of 2011. Those were the days.

  7. Interesting (and exciting) that she’s shooting additional footage. Someone who works with Showstudio tweeted about a week ago that they had been contacted by Nick Knight to let them know they were using stuff they filmed pre-lockdown for an unnamed artist’s stadium tour.
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  8. If she's in the UK can she meet up with Rina and book her as the opening act already?
  9. Still bracing myself for her to announce that one chick whose video she randomly tweeted as the opener
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. That was so bleak.
  12. One of the worst songs I have ever seen, “sung” by someone completely dead behind the eyes.

    It tracks for the era.
  13. It was kind of a scream that she talked about them sharing a vocal coach while linking a song that sounded like it could have been a random Vocaloid cover.
  14. I finally watched it the other day and it was giving deleted Glee sequence for sure.
  15. I just watched it for the first time and ... that was something else. What vocals? Not to be mean but legit most of it is pushed through heavy filters / vocoders.
  16. The song is also absolute garbage. I'm hoping that she was just doing management a favour by tweeting that out, and she genuinely does recognise it as total crap.
  17. Something about that doesn't really add up. Gaga posted about her across socials, Mick Jagger posted a video dancing to one of her songs, she's been written about by big publications like Billboard. She has 404k followers on Instagram yet 4k on Twitter which has now dropped to 3.6k after Gaga tweeted about her.

  18. Who is that?
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