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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. It's giving rich-but-not-famous person's nepo baby
    Nn the monsters were a little savage!
  2. [​IMG]

    I'm legit dreading that announcement from Ga. Dont know why I have a feeling she's debuting it with the tour but hope I'm wrong.
  3. I can already see the miniature hologram rendering that projects from a trading card designed by Nick Knight when viewed through the designated NFT app
  4. There's been a couple times when Gaga has randomly tweeted about another singer.
    I remember years ago she tweeted about that one guy... Hmm.. I'm blanking on his name. I think he was just another artist signed at Interscope and they had her tweet about him.

    Or when she tweeted about Tamar Braxton Love & War.
  5. That was deserved. It was Toni and Babyface tho.
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  6. The new Gayle clearly nn
  7. Does anybody else remember around August-September 2012 when she was in that whole "princess high" era and was promoting No Doubt's new record. It honestly feels like a fever dream.
  8. Yes, I think about it constantly

    She was hustling

    and of course

  9. I MEAN???

  10. Very happy this is now the Push & Shove appreciation thread.
  11. #BlondeItalians would be a real fake-title from ARTPOP days and now I need it to happen featuring Gwen Stefani. The Ska bop, double Stefs.
  12. Also booking esteemed SVU icon Mariska Hargitay for not just one, but two music videos….

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  13. Summerboy feat. Gwen would be the last thing I'd ever want in the world because I would be dead after it happening.
  14. Eh Eh
  15. How much do we think Googs got paid to Tweet about that woman? 100k per account?
  16. Not the B/C-tier RuGirls in that music video. The pinkwashing!!
  17. 2012 was the ultimate fever dream. She was still doing relentless promo with the tour while also posting cryptic ARTPOP lyrics all the time. She launched the disastrous but iconic and arrived to her own fragrance launch party as the bottle itself, and then got a tattoo on the back of her head during the party while being passed out?? Then of course when she made us little detectives piece together that Zedd song (which was my ringtone for about two years) and also dropped Cake.
  18. I can't believe next year is the ten year anniversary of ARTPOP.
  19. Wow. Nearly 10 years since ARTPOP, but also PRISM & Bangerz. What a time.
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  20. And Night Time, My Time, for all you alt phags.
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