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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Or this

    The Bionic shade
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  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Bionic shade


    Your Body praise

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  3. Pop justice!
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  4. The Fame Monster is up in Dolby Atmos too! Is Government Hooker available in Atmos yet? You just know that will slap so hard.
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  5. I am streaming ARTPOP.

    Apple Music won!
  6. Wait they actually have the demo uploaded?
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  7. It's not the demo version for me dd
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  8. If you had the album downloaded, you have to remove it and then replay it. Maybe activate the Atmos thing as well, but mine worked after removing the download.

    Having the Explicit The Fame Monster is also a blessing. Not sure if it was there already or on Spotify, but it feels so hard to find and just the little pleasure of listening “I’m a free BITCH” instead of “BIT” makes me tingle.
  9. The explicit version has been on streaming for a while now, I think? At least on US Spotify.
  10. Oh shit
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  11. Why not just the upload the demo as a regular track?
  12. gays be quirky
  13. Can confirm it’s the demo version and forgot how much it slapped.
  14. Sam


    Justice for the gay who uploaded the wrong file
  15. Whoever told her to change the sustained "Enooooooooough" is homophobic. Justice for the Aura demo!
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  16. Can said gay please upload the Swinefest version of ARTPOP with the louder hee-hee's?
  17. Sam


    nn I was just running back to say this. You can’t hear them at all in the Dolby mix. Chartflop!
  18. I never bothered with Atmos again after hearing how fucking godawful Born This Way (the song) is with it. Plus activating and deactivating it is so bothersome, you have to go to the phone settings instead of just doing it on the AM player screen.
  19. These Dolby Atmos mixes sound better with this album than Chromatica. Probably because these ones have so much more going on in the production and it allows for some breathing room for all the sounds. Especially Venus and GUY.

    I’m still mad that her label made her change the vocal take for the first verse of Aura - all because she leaked it.
    You definitely can hear them but they are so low.
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