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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Sam


    The vocals on the actual released version are from the Burqa demo, as far as I remember. Ironic
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  2. Yeah as Odd as it might be, the “tamed” vocals were part of the original demo it seems. When the 2017 leaks happened, the “Burqa” demo also featured the same take.

  3. Sam


    the replies nn

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  4. They are an alternate take but I believe the label made her switch them out because of her whole leaking of the track as Boris. Wasn't it the only way of getting it on the album?
  5. Yeah, they basically didn't want anything that had been leaked on the album. It wasn't that they disliked the song or anything like that, but she kinda shot herself in the foot in that situation dd.
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  6. Justice for the ARTPOP hee hee's.
    It's funny how long that iTunes Festival performance of those songs tainted the official release, for honestly months if not years until a lot of fans were like "fine, we love ARTPOP". But I remember people being pissed for a hot minute over several songs being so different.
  7. I’d still like to get all of them, but Sexxx Dreams is the only one I’m still a little bummed about. It’s good as is, but the Swinefest one is great. And yes I know a demo leaked but it’s not great quality.
  8.'s a better album?
  9. I thought that was the obvious… but also I was speaking purely on the production side and how ARTPOP is more of a “wall of sound” compared to Chromatica’s not so flimsy straw house of sound production.
  10. Swinefest deserves it's flowers, what an incredible way to debut a new era

  11. thinking about this today. The instrumental breakdown during the bridge might be the swinefest version but without vocals?

    I wish I could say "someone leak it please" but I'm pretty sure it was Lady herself playing it for fans dd. It's probably lost in some hacked folder out there tho.
  12. Yeah, this was when she played fans outside the studio the different versions of the tracks she was still working on while finishing the album. I remember being told by a friend who was there that Gaga said the label wanted the funk breakdown to be cut because the song was too long or something.
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  13. I wish we could get absolutely everything from ARTPOP and Born This Way sessions. I always think about the Garibay quote about how she wanted "A full techno version. A full new wave version" of each song, and the evolution of some songs like MANiCURE going from the more "jpop sound" to "pop-rock" is just fascinating. It's not even a huge difference, but peeking through the process is amazing.
  14. Her process is interesting. Having all these versions and picking her favorite parts from them and then merging them into one seems like such a fun way to explore and create. She even did it with Chromatica, despite being hands off with the production. The only other artist I’d say who does that today is Rina.
  15. Sam


    I’m taking a dive into the ARTPOP demos we have. The Burqa demo’s atmospheric outro is incredible.

    The Venus demo with the monotone verses and the missing interplanetary middle eight is my favourite version of the song too.
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  16. Sam


    My god the Mary Jane Holland demo with the operatic harmonies and what could only be described as the guttural vocal in the verses, I’m screeching
  17. Sexxx Dreams is absolutely a career moment that got away
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  18. Honestly kinda sounds like how Brian Higgins and Xenomania work. Pluck the best parts from different sessions and stitch them together. All hook, no fat.
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  19. These days I think I prefer the funk demos of Fashion! rather than the album version. It fits the song more somehow.
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  20. Should have been the ArtPop lead
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