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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. She needs to do a cover of Cherry Pie with an album that pays homage the hair metal/heavy rock. Like imagine the serve it would be.

    Another song i can see fitting like a glove is Pour Some Sugar On Me. I need her leaning into more rock music since it has been the trend for some time
  2. Sexxx Dreams is gorgeous but it doesn't strike me as a single at all. I think it would have probably flopped.
  3. Sexxx Dreams with Rihanna was quite literally right there, waiting to happen. Instead we had the potential of… Robin Thicke ddd. If that doesn’t sum up whatever the fuck was going on so perfectly.
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  4. The thought of “Sexxx Dreams” with Robin Thicke lurking in the vault somewhere sends chills down my spine… it’s not even a potential, those documents basically confirmed it exists nn
  5. If it were an alternate timeline where Gaga wasn’t in the midst of public exhaustion (and even then “Applause” and “Do What U Want” did well), I think it would have done just fine, actually.
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  6. The thought of the project already associated with R. Kelly, Terry Richardson and T.I. also being associated with Robin Thicke... deadbanana.gif
  7. Applause, a cute, okay Gaga single, did well, Sexxx Dreams would have done great.
  8. Even if we agree that Applause is just cute and Sexxx Dreams is much better, Applause sounds WAY more like a single, which is why it was chosen. It is the obvious lead.

    I think Applause is way more than cute though.
  9. I just listened to Sexxx Dreams again and I'm even more convinced of my position on this. The song is wonderful but it's such a weird combination of things. The verses sound like a homage to old school talk-sing Madonna and then the chorus has this kinda Janet sounding melody but on top of squelchy electronics. It's pretty chill and understated.

    In contrast, Applause has the high octane sound and uber catchiness that you expect from a Gaga lead.

    I don't even remotely buy the idea that Sexxx Dreams would have a better choice than Applause for lead. I feel we really get caught up in our alternative timeline singles run dreams.
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  10. Applause is one of her best singles, and I’ll die on that hill. The opening will never fail to send a rush of energy through me.

    Bad timing and even worse decisions will always have more to answer for than bad material with ARTPOP. The album still stands.
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  11. Applause is also serving concept. "I live for the applause, plause" is a hell of a memorable lyric.
  12. But nobody remembers it dd.
  13. The self saboteur jumping out at every direction. But Azealia had a “bad attitude” dd
  14. That is not my experience whatsoever.

    I frequently use "I live for the applause" as a joke and people laugh because they know the reference.
  15. Who was talking about “Sexxx Dreams” as a lead? I was a just saying it should have been a single, period.
  16. Vasillos said it should have been lead, which is what I was responding to with my posts about Applause being the correct choice.
  17. Oh yeah I don’t think “Sexxx Dreams” would have worked as a lead. It’s very single three vibes.

    Sexxx Dreams

    I’d say “Gypsy” should be a single, but considering it’s a slur… we’ll go with “Venus” as the end of era fan service music video moment
  18. I agree. It’s top tier Gaga for me, I wasn’t a mega fan of it at first but I literally love everything about it now.
    (Except that awful VMAS performance)
  19. I'm sorry diva but my anecdotal evidence does not agree with your anecdotal evidence. I know straights who absolutely know it and not from my meddling.
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  20. I hate that Gypsy is problematic because I love the song. Not the most interesting thing she's ever done and it's slightly cheesy but it has melodies for days and generally good lyrics.
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