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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

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  2. If the movie is set in the asylum, where Joker met Harley, she has to be playing Harley. It's the only thing that makes sense.

    If there's an Oscar in her future for acting, it'll be for this. With Joaquin winning for the first movie, the focus could very well be placed on her this time around if she does a great job.
  3. 'I hear I'm a shoe in for the Razzie nominations next year...and I better win this time'
  4. I’m already anticipating the promotional cycle which will be much more entertaining, memorable and iconic than the actual film/character
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  5. Oh great, does this mean I have to watch Joker: Folie a Un now?
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    I can’t wait until she method acts her way into an actual asylerm
  7. The press tour for this is going to be delicious even if I don't give a shit about the film itself.
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  8. I am really excited for the press tour, it will be wild!
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  10. I just fear with Warner Brothers' track record with DC films and the first Joker movie being in a more "real" world, she's gonna have Harley attributes, but with some stupid other name to make it more "realistic." For example, Arkham Asylum isn't an asylum in the first movie. It's Arkham State Hospital. Like silly little changes like that.
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  11. Joel Schumacher directing Gaga as Harley is a timeline I'm heartbroken we don't live in
  12. PLEASE not ANOTHER movie
  13. I wonder how @RJF is doing today
  14. Oh I forgot it’s a musical!!

    Hair Body Face (murder edition) is coming!!
  15. Sam


    Omg can you all just let her rest in peace I beg
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  16. Superhero movies and Musicals are my two least fave type of movies nn

    Then don’t Joke etc
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  17. Didn’t script details leak a few weeks ago and it said Gaga wasn’t playing Harley? Could also just be fake, I have no idea how reputable the person who posted about it was.
  18. “I told my first joke when I was in kindergarten”
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