Lady Gaga

Harley is one of my favorite characters but I was actually perched for the rumors so I am delighted! I think Gaga can pull it off.

I do find it weird some people think Harley’s accent is “out there” when it’s based off an actual accent, nn. I mean, it’s just a slightly exaggerated version of Arleen Sorkin’s natural speaking accent, and Harley Quinn, the character, was based on and created for her.

Ooo if they play into the origin story of how Harley Quinn becomes Harley Quinn, that is going to be exciting.
Not sure if the Margot Robbie films goes into it because I haven't watched those. But Harleen Quinzel is a criminal psychologist who meets the Joker in Arkham Asylum to psycho analyze him. But in the process, he manipulates her a bit, and appeals to her, she gets a crush on him and goes a bit mad herself.

This is what I fully expect.

And the first Suicide Squad dives into it for a scene.
Not holding onto the leak, but it would be nice if Gaga could claim Punchline as her own. This was never going to be a movie for pop fans or the gays, and that won't change by 2024. I'm still perched.