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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Since the tweet was deleted

    Also no this has nothing to do with "Temple"
  2. Her flirtations with that robotic rapping voice around the ARTPOP era is so funny.
  3. Leak Tinnitus you hoes.
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  4. The full track is out there, featuring Matthew Koma
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  5. Parts of it work, but overall it's kind of shit. Still, fun to hear more Artpop era stuff.
  6. The original concept/direction for ARTPOP was so messy ldsfjak;hgsdk
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  7. RMK


    The Hallelujah chant itself is so unsettling.
  8. I wish something else leaked. This is just… meh? I do love hearing leaks from the ARTPOP era though. The temple lyric is funny in a sense that she has certain ideas that she wants to get out. The whole 1000 doves thing (which I think someone mentioned before) being the other lyric.

    Was any of Act II ever actually finished?
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  9. No, they abandoned it in favor of Cheek to Cheek. Fairly certain they knew what songs were going to make it, though, and they just needed to be re-recorded. Because that's what she had started doing right after ARTPOP was released.
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  10. Sam


    This is … well it exists!
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  11. What is DIS hunny
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  12. This is such a mess dd. But I treasure it because I really truly adore the ARTPOP era so much and will always have one foot firmly in that time when it comes to my stanning of Gaga.
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  13. I never thought that Gaga would have a duet with Hilary Duff's husband.
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  14. I don’t think it’s Temple, unless it’s some real early concept. She mentioned that Temple didn’t have any religious connotations, but it was about being safe with somebody. From what I can understand, the lyrics are describing part of when she first met Kinney tho, and it is produced by Zedd.

    the leak is clearly a very rough demo, but Temple was part of the tracklist until final seconds, so it’s definely a different song/finalized at least.
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    It's not Temple. I doubt this leaked song made it very far, that's clearly a demo.
  16. This is embarrassing.
  17. Well that was...interesting.

    BlackoutZone also said that this is not Temple. It's another scrap.
  18. I legitimately thought that clip was one of those fake DJ Onlyfire demos.
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