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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I mean, maybe if she actually released it sure.
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  2. Well… hallelujah for this not making the final cut I guess dd.
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  3. I don’t dislike it nn.
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  4. OMG. Never thought we'd see the day a new ARTPOP outtake leaks
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  5. And yeah this isn't Temple lol

    We know some of Temple's lyrics: "I won't die but I can't live without you, my temple of a man"
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  6. It is from 2012 and produced by Zedd!
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  7. It’s…a song!
  8. A short snippet of this has been online since July 2013

    EDIT: when did they start beefing tho lool

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  9. Matthew Koma called Zedd out for stealing song credits
  10. The singing parts and the chorus is actually good.
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  11. Brooklyn Nights and Partynauseous are the only songs I use and I honestly feel like 90% of the Act II songs are bad or average at best.

    I think Gaga's demos and scraps in general are mostly mid. An anti-Charli tea.
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  12. "Hallelujah" is such a mess that it's actually charming and I kinda like it?
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  13. It‘s a demo and I love hearing those, it‘s not that serious, she is just playing along.
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  14. I think you guys are also forgetting she was high for most of her 2012 recording sessions, playing around with possible themes for the album and very in love with both her man and her fans. This feels very ARTPOP content and sound-wise, it's just not finished in any sense. Every demo we've heard from 2012 was a fucking mess, but it was certainly ARTPOP and certainly camp.
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  15. How would someone even get hold of such a rough demo? It sounds like something that would just be on her laptop or something…
  16. This isn't even the roughest demo she has out there. She records all of her tracks in GarageBand or as a voice memo and then re-records them in the studio later on.

  17. Sam


    I’m watching House of Gucci for the first time since seeing it in the cinema and I don’t recognise … any of what I’m watching? I knew I’d fallen asleep briefly the first time but I didn’t realise I’d missed half the fucking film
  18. Sleepy king
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  19. Sam


    She’s tired beb
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