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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I slept during Scent Of A Woman and my fiends still bring it up.
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  2. I Don't Want Your Love just leaked in full. An ARTPOP demo I guess.
  3. Sam


    September 2011 according to the file. What is going on
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  4. It's interesting... but can Princess Die please leak now?
  5. It's definitely a very early demo but it's really interesting to hear more of the initial sound that she was forming in the midst of the BTW era. I guess this makes more sense alongside Princess Die than anything on ARTPOP.
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  6. I would love an ARTPOP leak... I know Future Love was never recorded (other than that live one) but does a studio version of Princess Die exist?
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  7. She said she recorded 2 versions of PD back then on LM
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  8. Sadly I can't imagine any version of Princess Die leaking purely because it would be too valuable to the insider circle since they know people want it.
  9. Yeah I vaguely remember hearing about a dance version of Princess Die around that time.

    I'm trying to remember now if a studio version of Living On The Radio exists too; she said in 2011 that she wanted to release it at some point but kept it off Born This Way because it didn't fit in with the album's pace or something
  10. Sam


    It was meant for ARTPOP Act II wasn't it?
  11. I think you're thinking of Nothing On (But The Radio), I was referring to this song she did on one of the Monster Ball dates

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  12. I Don't Want Your Love is pretty good. Actually she could've dusted this off for the Star Is Born soundtrack and it would've worked really well.
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  13. Sam


    Oh shit of course. I totally forgot about that one!
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  14. I believe Future Love is registered at like BMI, which would hint at Studio Recording existing.
    Some people say she did confirm on that 2 versions of Princess Die existed, one being a "Dance Version" but I never really saw anything confirming it (like chat screenshots and so on), and always wondered if there was any confusion with "Stache" (that people also called "Princess High" and sometimes "Princess High Die"). Princess Die is also registered on BMI.

    There's also a strong belief that Princess Die was supposed to be part of the ARTPOP App but I can't really remember\track anything to confirm it. Not sure if it was backstage talk or whatever. But that song for sure exists somewhere. And it would track nicely with this "I don't want your love" song in a timeframe after Born This Way but before ARTPOP.
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  15. Real ones remember the years-long persistence of the Princess Die (feat. Lana Del Rey) rumor
  16. There are screenshots of her talking about the two versions of “Princess Die” out there somewhere. She had said she re-wrote it and everything.
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  17. I really used to love to just hunt around the internet for these screenshots. God, great times.


    Iconic shit Only.
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  18. The way this just unlocked so many memories. I completely forgot she said she had a feat with Lana which might have been on ARTPOP.
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  19. R92


    Oh shit, I remember a snippet of “I Don’t Want Your Love” being floated around as a LG5 track.
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  20. The girlies just don't go all-out on the fakes like they used to!
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