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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. R92


    Balance dad mysterious.
  2. She sounds like Kreayshawn on Hallelujah. Bin it.
  3. [​IMG]

    This and that blurry image with green hair and purple skin being everywhere...the lead-up to ARTPOP was truly so much.
  4. I still want an official release of Partynauseous nn. Should have re-recorded it for Dawn Of Chromatica.
  5. I want that first version for the artRave to leak. I know there are some pretty good recreations but give me the actual track!
  6. The way I just got a flashback to M.I.A getting Gaga to come to an embassy in London to meet up with her and Julian Assange
  7. That type of fake iTunes screenshots were so iconic. Truly a lost art.
  8. I have zero recollection of her saying she did a version of Princess Die with Lana. How did I miss this??
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  9. The nostalgia.

  10. That was a fake screenshot dd. The only time she mentioned Lana was when she got lip injections and people were comparing them, and she responded with “Lana got her lips done?”
  11. Oh ok good. Was worried I was losing my memory.
  12. Sam


    oh my god
  13. I think this rough early demo of "I Don't Want Your Love" is decent, the verses are rather pretty and the build-up is good, too. And I was convinced it was from around 2016/17 when those snippets were floating around - it's a nice song but not that effective, so it could've actually perfectly slotted onto "A Star Is Born".
  14. I was about to say IF she had a song with Lana it almost certainly would've leaked by now the way her unreleased songs just pour out every few months.
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  15. I love the low quality cell phone pics of fake iTunes track lists. As if their keyboard's Print Screen button was broken.

  16. Her accent here (and in most of 2012/2013) always sends me
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  17. She was truly speaking in cursive for no reason in 2012.

    "Seau the weeg is mæde oeutof a mix'chr of Reel Hyu-Minh Hair and thee fien'st fibroptiques in æxisTenTs"
  18. Sam


    ratchet sluuuuut I can’t cope
  19. this is a handTmayDe wiG. we are going to lighT iT up for you.

    arTpop. GeT reaDy for arTpop.
  20. I can't decide if the visceral reaction this has caused is healing my 12 year old self or extremely triggering.

    The way we were convinced the 'T' in ARTPOP would be the Aries symbol? I think because she wrote it that way (probably by accident) one time? Mental illness.
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