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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. A snooze
  2. W2K


    That poor dog.
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  3. Applause has to be the most intoxicatingly unhinged pop hit of the last decade. A song where she starts in her best Klaus Nomi impression, references Koontz, likens fame to an intravenous drug and uses the line "some of us just like to read"? Not to mention the chorus fucking bangs.
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  4. dddd this randomly crossed my mind the other day and I couldn’t remember if it had actually happened or was just some fever dream.
  5. I wish I had been able to keep this a repressed memory. Curse you.
  6. I feel kinda bad for apparently sleeping through the Artpop era, because even being a Gaga stan from day 1, I don't actually recognise any of the stuff that's been posted in the last few pages.
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  7. Thank you for the backhanded compliment of calling me a bop I guess, but what did I ever do to you???? I had to xx.
  8. This was unhinged
  9. Sometimes I still wake up screaming about the Gaga / Katy feud back then.


  10. Gaga logging onto Freddie’s account to fully drag Katy was definitely top 5 unhinged moments of the era
  11. Do you happen to have these tweets anywhere? I don't think I ever saw them back then.
  12. No, they were deleted pretty quickly from what I remember, but she was going in
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  13. Roar vs. Applause, the leaks, iTunes Festival, every hotel look being more deranged than the last,, the album release party, Volantis, the DWUW video, her disappearing for months, SXSW, the demon chicken…

    That era should be in the history books.
  14. Let’s not forget her raiding the prop department and (poorly) sticking seashells on a Marks and Spencer’s bra at the X Factor after the label canned the Venus release.

    I had a hard time fighting her corner for that one… we were in the trenches.
  15. I nearly forgot about her shouting at Perez Hilton on Twitter for being a stalker. [​IMG]
  16. Honestly, Roar/Applause and the "Pop emergency!" antics aside, the beginning of the actual era was fun. The VMAs, iTunes Festival, the looks she was serving with the seashell girl hair, fun/laid back interviews like the one on Watch What Happens Live...things were great for a little while. It felt like Do What U Want was when things started to take a turn on the public front.

    Also, she was serving absolute vocals that entire of her best periods vocally teebs.
  17. Making her fans be poppies like they're toddlers in a local theatre production....iconic. And this video:
  18. Sam


    It’s Jeff Koons

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  19. R92


  20. When this dropped from the sky to launch the era:

    A bold, striking, fresh visual. A press release you can write dissertations about. She hasn't topped an announcement since.
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