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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. The spinning cows.

    the spinning cows
  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I completely forgot about this, whew

  3. Sam


    the way everyone thought the text in quotations were song titles

    Not forgetting this that was allegedly on the back of the place cards at the launch event -


    “I respect your perfection but I have my own!!!” still regularly pops into my head this day naur it’s true
  4. This one nearly slipped my mind too.
  5. I like ARTPOP just fine but it's a shame we never actually got an era with music that reflected those early minimalistic visuals and fashion.
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  6. The capitalized KICK IT took me out. Thank you for this!
  7. Still love this simple shoot so much.
  8. I got this one on a big ass poster. What a visual, wew!

  9. I'm still lowkey pressed that the press release picture was not the actual album cover. I have come to love the official one because it's as busy and chaotic as the album sometimes gets, but that one with the welder goggles and sober background is so striking in its contrasting simplicity.
  10. Years before I actually dived into Gaga's discography, I remember going on a little binge watch of her music videos (mostly "Judas") and then checking her YouTube channel to see the last upload was "G.U.Y.", very recently at the time. I liked the synths at the intro but can't recall I thought much about it.
    Now I'm kinda envious of those who followed it in real time, as the "Artpop" era really seemed like an iconic camp mess. I mean:

  11. RMK


    I think the perception of the era would be a lot different if some of the more tame artwork became popularized. ARTPOP really did feel like an elevation of sorts before all the chaos began.
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  12. The early Artpop days were so, so promising.
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  13. Her MoMA Annual Pass era was truly fascinating. Everything was so artsy, self-serious and aggrandized, hilarious in hindsight and absolutely thrilling as a fan to live through.
  14. Also this absolute look at the launch party where we first got word the album was coming.


    Maximalist googs is everything, but I love when she goes minimal. The mask shoot remains one of my favourites she’s done to date.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Sam


    Since we’re reminiscing with Goog tinted glasses <3

  17. All of you always liked that Xbox disc tray zoot suit pants look, but it's just kind of... there. Face and hair are stunning, though.
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  18. Yeah, there was a long period of time when a lot of the speculation on ARTPOP’s sound centered around it being “sleek, clean, and streamlined,” partly as a foil to Born This Way but also because of Zedd’s involvement I think? At the time I kept imagining her own Flesh Tone.

    When the visor image dropped it felt very… that, as it did the VMA rehearsal week looks. The album ended up being too chaotic and jagged, and so the Koons cover makes a lot more sense, but I still wish she’ll one day take a sharp, minimal direction for an era.
  19. Thinking about when she changed the booklet from that color explosion she tweeted with the test printing after fans pointed out spelling errors in it. First strike against us I fear.

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