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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Ok but I love her vocals on the I Don't Want Your Love leak.
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  2. 2012-2013 were demonic times. Trigger warnings please.
  3. Wow HOW could I forget the demon chicken????? Genuinely repressed.
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  4. The way I was scrolling quickly and thought this was Jesy Nelson for a second.
  5. The way these sentences sound like they were created by a rudimentary AI random word generator.

    Saw the world's scars and how strong it's
    Felt a butterfly which sit on my lips
    Thinked that my life is whole about this
    It's hard to understand how that art pure is
    I place a meaning on a drifting bout
    I am a Russian tiara putting on princess
    She died instead
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  6. One of my favourite things from the ARTPOP era. That had to be the easiest job ever for those dancers at the end
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  7. Sam


    I still haven’t forgiven her for those backing singers
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  8. And yeah, that first scuba mask image was perfect and would've made an iconic album cover. Same with the photos of her in the computer chip chair, and so many of the looks at the beginning of the era

    Her soccer mom wig was a choice though
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  9. I like both images a lot. I think the final cover does better reflect the album, but I think the scuba mask one would maybe have been more iconic.

    I really do wish she’d revisit Artpop. Polished studio recordings of the Swinefest versions, plus the Act 2 songs. And she doesn’t need to make a big deal out of it in the streaming era. Just use the scuba mask image as artwork and throw it out as a thing for fans. In 2014 there would be more pressure to make it a ‘thing’. But now it wouldn’t.
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  10. Nevermind, this might have been one of the most unhinged moments of the era.
    Damn I remember it feeling chaotic at the time but being reminded of everything that happened that era (over like only half a year) is mental. You don't get eras like that these days!
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  11. The ARTPOP era was a chaotic ride. Like…people were killed. Sometimes it was really exciting though.

    Anyway, I really wish her albums had gotten better re-issues recently. Substantial boxsets/packaging would have been nice rather than mostly no frills UO pressings.
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  12. In all seriousness, her being up for over 24 hours to shoot with Robert Wilson (some of that hanging nude upside down from the ceiling) on the album release week during which she fired her manager and went to about 3 different time zones actually is WILD.

    It makes me glad that there's more awareness of toll on mental health and even just sheer exhaustion that can occur from those kind of promotional schedules. Not even just with her.
  13. Seeing MarcMonster behind her... This thread really is bringing up a lot of locked away memories
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  14. RMK


    Nothing like this ever seems to take truly shape, but commemorating ARTPOP and throwing out an "Act II" with a few reworked tracks or b-sides from the past few years would be a great idea. Even if they aren't specifically from the era, it would be a great way to keep her music out there while focusing on film. That and one-off singles feel like a no brainer. It's not that she needs to, but it would be really exciting to hear from her and Taylor showed that there's a way to grow from these re-releases. People would stream her back catalogue more.
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  15. A re-release with even 50% effort seems like such an easy win. Re-press the album with the Xtina version of “Do What U Want,” throw in a few bonus cuts, glitter up the album cover. Some detailed liner notes would probably be asking for a lot.

    It’s always strange to me when artists just don’t bother. Like, Kylie, your b-sides collection would end lives. Just do it.
  16. RMK


    I don't think they'll touch Do What U Want. Reaping the benefits of a remix or new version on streaming is just an inevitable pr disaster. Though one of her best, the solo version has to stay in local files.
  17. People were crying on the streets.

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  18. Sam


    no cause I literally died

    How has this only just gotten onto YouTube? I’ve had a Vimeo link bookmarked since 2014 nn
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  19. [​IMG]
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