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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. To be fair, the Xtina version is still readily available on streaming. They could easily just chuck that on there.
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  2. Heeee heeee
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  3. Random late night thoughts, but it's actually kind of huge that the Chromatica Ball thematically sees her finally breaking out of the cycle she got stuck in for years by shoehorning 'old (The Fame/Monster) Gaga' pastiche into a lot of what she was doing to appease fans. From Enigma to mentioning adding The Fame Monster-esque hooks to Joanne, it was always present. That first act of the Chromatica Ball feels like she's finally letting that go, and ironically its allowed her to access that darkness that we all adored from that era in a fresh and exciting way that finally doesn't feel like 'old Gaga' drag.

    It makes me incredibly excited for wherever she goes next because she feels free for the first time in probably a decade.
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  4. First candid of the Chromatica Ball era with new merch (?)
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  5. I always liked the brutalist, sci-fi aesthetic of Chromatica and the tour really elevates it further. I hope she's inspired by doing these shows because she's operating in top form.
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  6. The background music during the whole awkward silence moment and the final appearance of @bbcCultureShow sign as a punchline sends me every single time. Iconique.
  7. I saw these photos on Instagram and at first glance I thought they were ones from years ago that I hadn't seen!

    This is the photo on the t-shirt

  8. The rumors about Rihanna appearing on a remix of Sexxx Dreams. Waiting so long for the Do What U Want video and then finally clips leaking with the LOBSTERS and a dress made out of newspaper...
  9. [​IMG]

    Does anyone still have the Government Hooker (Fuck the Gobberment) remix? I lived for that.
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  10. RMK


    People really did think Rihanna recorded a verse. And then, lo and behold, Robin Thicke.
  11. Was No Way ever actually in the running to be released, or was it from the same pitch session as Quicksand? It's always been a highlight of her unreleased songs for me and it sounds pretty much finished; I could have seen it being a single for her in 2009
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  12. They got the wrong Robyn!
  13. Was it not in the running for The Fame Monster tracklist at some point? I might be misremembering though.
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  14. I remember hearing or seeing that somewhere around the time it first leaked, but I don't recall if it was ever verified. It feels like a hit that got away to me!
  15. Gaga said the only legitimate leftover from The Fame Monster was “Future Love”. Songs like “No Way” and “Second Time Around” were for other artists. I wish I could find the actual interview she said this in, because it bothers me every time this comes up dd.
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  16. Sam


    Yeah, No Way gives me the same 2000s R&B vibes that the other leaks from around that time do

  17. Wow 10 million is a lot after so few movies.
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  18. That makes sense. Like I said before, it's really similar to Quicksand so I figured it was most likely pitched to someone else.

    And speaking of Quicksand, when is someone going to finally leak her demo? The girls have been so focused on Out of Control all these years but I'm surprised that it's never talked about much
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  19. Apropos of nothing, but I've always really enjoyed this Stefani co-write. Although Wikipedia now says she wasn't involved? I feel like they change that every week!
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