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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Yeah, I think maybe there was some confusion because Fernando once said it would be released?

    I don’t think she’s officially credited, which is why they probably keep removing it nn.
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  2. God the deluge of leaks before/during/after The Fame Monster was such a thrill. It was like an era itself. I rinsed all the Darkchild demos.

    Honestly the only other girl I can think of with a similar amount of good shit in the (leaky) vaults is Lana nn.
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  3. She visited Tony today.
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  4. This is actually so huge. She's getting paid the same as the hot leading ladies in Hollywood with only 2 lead movies so far, one of them being very divisive. A true movie star.

    Edit: they also confirmed that the movie will have "complicated musical sequences" and won't be a jukebox musical like many people were thinking.
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  5. Miss Charli baby has entire albums of stuff leaked ddddd, Gorgonzola could never

    I mean, the final product is pretty close to what I imagine the demo sounds like, it gives 'Britney does her best Sia impression on Passenger'
  6. HOW did that slip my mind ffff even with XCX World in my Spotify local files!
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  8. Actually I've always thought that the autotune and the key change were intentional there. It made it hit harder for me.
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  9. Speaking of Gaga giving clown

    Still a serve of a music video (though I don’t think it was right for lead single) and single artwork
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  10. “Applause” was such a great song, I think had she had another album under her belt it would’ve been a great “Greatest Hits” single.
  11. I loved her autotuned voice that night.
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  12. If she has a backend deal and/or is going to be involved in the musical creation, she's gonna bring in tens of millions more depending on how successful this is. What a queen.
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  13. Was in fanfic that No Way was being saved for an exciting artist, I want to say Jojo? Was it Fernando that said that?
  14. I thought it was Second Time Around that had been pitched to JoJo at one point?
  15. Yeah, “Second Time Around” was pitched to JoJo
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  17. That's actually a fantastic write-up on the era and album, I'm impressed.
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  18. That Write-Up... Claire Lobenfeld you'll always be famous!
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  19. Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. I like that they gave a lot of context, talked about her frustration with the industry at the time (which was obviously a big factor of that era), and tapped into a lot of the actual intentions she had with the album.
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  20. Yeah that’s a pretty good review. I’m not sure if I’ve ever read anyone articulate her intentions with the album and the album cover that well.
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