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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. The only issue with Fun Tonight is the drop kinda sucks. If the production was mostly gutted and the song was streamlined into a synth pop-ballad moment like The Cure it would be a big improvement.
  2. I love the drop.
  3. I don’t hate the concept of the song building up to a drop but when we get there it’s giving Marshmello or whatever.
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  4. Do we think DJ White Shadow would have done a better job with the album than BloodPop and his EDM bros? I love his more subdued songs like Applause, ARTPOP and the aforementioned The Cure, they're so classy and timeless.
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  5. As it stands on the album, Fun Tonight is awful. I swing between thinking the melody is annoying and whiny and then thinking it’s actually really strong and just needed some big, gleaming L’Amours Toujours-esque treatment to match the cheesiness of it all.
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  6. Who knows really, but with his home base being Chicago I like to think he would've encouraged her to experiment with different variations of house/underground dance music to create something a bit fresher, or at least convince her to keep it more in line with the 90s dance sound we know she was toying with based on demos. Lord knows he probably also would've gotten her into the NFT realm dd.
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  7. No, mainly because the “problem” with Chromatica has less to do with the producers and more to do with the Lady herself (keep in mind DJWS was involved early on). This also applies to the earlier visuals with “Stupid Love” and to a degree, “Rain On Me”. I think BloodPop worked with what Gaga was willing to give him in terms of participation and direction and that’s the result we got. Consider how he put Dawn of Chromatica together, or even his tracks on Renaissance or the tour interludes, and I think it’s extremely clear he was never the problem fans wanted him to be. Ultimately, the album is as Gaga wanted. Otherwise, it would have gone a different direction.
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  8. Fun Tonight is diabolical. Glad ARTPOP is getting some love though. What an absolute mess of a record and era. In a good way sorta.
  9. ARTPOP made us, as cigs, stronger people.
  10. RMK


    DJ White Shadow could've naturally given some songs on the album a little more grit. The main goal of Chromatica seemed to be recapturing her classic dance-pop sound, and he was with her during those earlier times. In my opinion, he probably would've been great at recapturing that while welcoming in all the influences.
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  11. The demos already had that gritty vibe, but they went in a different direction for one reason or another. I don’t think his presence would have changed much, honestly.
  12. Chromatica seemed to go through a similar sterilization process ARTPOP did. No doubt she wanted Free Woman's intro to go from house to Love Island transition music.
  13. I love the final version with all my heart but the solo demo of Rain On Me is a fun little curiosity and peek into what the album’s original vibe was. Would have been a cute bonus track, maybe in 10 years nn.
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  14. RMK


    It must've been her call, but damn you'd think she'd have better taste with that one. She felt so much more hands off from this album production-wise.
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  15. Lady Gaga meets Lady Miss Kier in 1990:
  16. I remember Fun Tonight being one of my favorite songs on the album dddd.
  17. Now that we have more content from her from the tour, I think the catchphrase for the Chromatica era is "that porch".
  18. It's 2022 and I'm listening to not one but two Let Them Hoes Fight (feat. Trina) new leaks.

  19. I was watching some of her earlier performances and I didn’t notice as much as a teen (I always had the impression she was very good), but a lot of her early vocals were a bit rough? She has improved leaps and bounds now, and has better control of her voice.
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