Lady Gaga

Speaking of GUY, I was really here for how Pitchfork gave the song its flowers in their recent ARTPOP review. It’s the best example of how she took that buzzsaw synth sound that feels time locked 2012-13 these days and made it her own on that album. She could’ve howled over whatever she found on Zedd’s laptop and delivered Clarity 2.0 but she really went and came up with a stupid/clever play of words that’s quintessentially her. An anthem for the bossy bottoms. The video stomped too!
Sorry i'm a page or two late but after hearing I Wanna Be With U again, just makes me happy she went from a ballad like that to being able to deliver something far superior with Always Remember Us This Way years later.


Does anyone else remember the rumour that it was Natali singing “I need a man who thinks if’s right when it’s so wrong” in The Edge of Glory?


When she said “the truth is in my red lipstick” and little monsters zoomed in on her mouth on the Born This Way album cover and actually came up with a release date for it made out of random shapeless pixels.

It was this photo if I remember rightly

2013 was an iconic year if you were a fan of pop music. Stans pitting Roar and Applause against each other. Gaga's iTunes Festival and that performance where she is puked on. Then Britney coming in with Work Bitch and her "most personal album ever" (we know how that went) only for Beyoncé to come out of nowhere and destroy every single gay on earth with Self Titled, thus, effectively ending the Katy vs Gaga stan wars about which pop girl released the best album of 2013. Little 20 year old me was shook.
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