Lady Gaga

I've noticed her commenting on random TikToks a lot lately... Makes me happy when I notice it since other than that she's pretty much sworn off all social media. But random tiktok comments is way easier to manage than the insanity that is twitter, so I understand. There's a video right now with 12m views that's a girl saying "What was Gaga thinking not putting me in the Bad Romance video? I would've killed that shit" and then goes on to do the choreo. And Gaga commented and said "WHAT WAS I THINKING"
She's the cutest.
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^ He also then posted a link to his cash app. Makes me unsure about this accusation.

Young queer people post their cashapp every time they're even just slightly inconvenienced by something, I wouldn't read too into that.

What's weird to me is that first photo is him DMing the Haus Labs instagram. Like some social media intern is going to read that and do what exactly? Although he does say he talked to her assistant too. Anyways- hopefully they do something about it.
She lost the Emmy to Adele. It was pretty obvious Adele had it in the bag. I think an Emmy is gonna be the hardest award for Gaga to win. She’ll win a Tony very easily when/if she wants to.