Lady Gaga

All that’s available is what they posted unfortunately

Fucking hell. I’m sure there’s more footage around tho, even if not the European recorded ones, but fucking annoying we can’t get something nice dd.

I remember seeing some close ups from Alejandro and stuff that looked almost from back of the stage some time ago on Twitter. There will be hope!


Was about to double post but you know what not worthy :

Here it is!
With no audio.
and mostly from afar.

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I screamed


This is obviously nothing since I highly doubt new music is anywhere close to the agenda but just imagining that sound - effectively the album she was born to make.

We love fake insider info.

However, I would absolutely eat this up from her and need it desperately now that it's an idea in my head.

I'm looking forward to hearing what she'll come up with for Joker to be honest though. I'm sure it'll be a mess, but an entertaining mess probably.
Not sure what rock-disco means. I'm a huge fan of both but you'd think they're pretty disconnected genres? Another One Bites the Dust?
Love to see the everlasting impacT of her best album/era <3 Also love how Julia keeps serving these BTW-esque looks.

On the same note, Judas/Government Hooker/Bloody Mary going "viral" really helped the album's streams. Cannot wait for Marry the Night or Heavy Metal Lover to have a Lizzo - Truth Hurts moment in 2025.