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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. The Joker film doesn't come out for 2 more years. What is she going to be doing until then?
  2. Makeup tutorials on YouTube.
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  3. RMK


    Filming, Makeup, Vegas. An entire album would be giving contract fulfillment, but I could see a single or two.

    They really should roll-out something new for ARTPOP 10th anniversary - it's such an obvious opportunity to grow her catalogue in a post-Taylor's Version world.
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  4. There’s the Alicia Keys collab that both were totally-not-teasing, no?
  5. +annual money laundering foundation interview
  6. I thought it was confirmed she's not playing Harley though?
  7. Nothing was confirmed, just rumors. There was an alleged plot leak that said she wasn't playing Harley, and some speculation she was playing Punchline came from that
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  8. It would be a kii if she ended up playing Harley after being overheard saying Margot Robbie is boring, but I feel like Harley's been everywhere the last few years so it would be better to wheel out a different love interest.
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  9. A what?
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  10. Ohhhh okay. I'm kinda hoping it'll be Punchline, or a similar character to her because of how different she is from Harley and interesting it would be to see the dynamic between her and Joker play out on screen. But I would also love to see a thorough examination of Harley and Joker's early days, sort of like the Harleen book. Honestly, an adaptation of that plus making it a musical would be really interesting to see.
    I know there's not a lot of excitement on here for this movie but I'm personally really excited to see how it turns out.
  11. [​IMG]

    How bout a Greatest Hits with a couple of new singles? Polish up a few exiting demos (hello Out Of Control, Nothing On and Brooklyn Nights) call it Radio Gaga, give it minimal promo and tie in a make up pallet that smells nice and looks like an over priced watch I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. Now if you could all give me six days of your time I will explain to you why renegotiating her deal now is best to guarantee us baguettes music in the no doubt dry years ahead of us and also what should of been the singles run from album of a generation, Born This Way.

  12. I would say it's next to impossible that she'll be playing Punchline. She's often portrayed as Asian, but it's not been explicitly spelled out in her backstory and different artists and writers have conflicting viewpoints on the matter. Punchline's relatively new by comic book standards so she's not very fleshed out, but I would imagine there would be backlash, no matter how ambiguous the source material is.

    It seems like things are leaning Harley but Deadline, THR, and Variety are kinda vague about it. If she's not Harley, I feel she'll probably play an original character - kind of how this version of the Joker is an original character.
  13. Alicia commented about it multiple times this year (maybe manifesting nn), and I seem to remember something from Gaga that hinted at it happening too... I think she replied to one of her tweets or something? I can't find it now so maybe I imagined it ddd
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  14. I think she just faved the video on Twitter.
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  15. That! Well, it's some form of acknowledgment, which is more than most of these things get. They seem like a perfect fit (New York piano girls).
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  16. Given how iconic this tweet was in 2011 it's insane to see it only have 190 likes.
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  17. Maybe we were disrespectful fucks all along.

  18. [​IMG]
  19. Oh really? Interesting, I hadn't realized that because I haven't actually read anything with Punchline in it yet. Now I hope she's not playing her for obvious reasons and like I said, it could be really interesting to see what she could do as Harley or a Harley like character if she's not strictly Harleen Quinzel.
  20. Whew, this page is depressing.
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