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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Every Rihanna thread page.
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  3. Whew, the third one is the best.
  4. I do think she will do Broadway eventually but not yet.
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  5. Didn’t we kind of know that? Didn’t Rosie O’Donnell blow the lid off that in the Star is Born days?
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  6. Yeah, I had to double check that I wasn’t going crazy

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  7. I'm not a Broadway gay, not even a musicals gay particularly by any means, but I don't know why I keep thinking that a play where she is 100% hands-on and lets loose completely would be sort of... amazing? I also suppose I could just be intrigued by a medium I'm not entirely familiar with, but I remember looking up some plays she mentioned when she was asked about what her favorites were during the press tour for House of Gucci and thinking she could do something that is left-field enough if those were her reference points. I also keep remembering her saying something along the lines of wanting to play Mary Magdalene. I don't know how messy this is, but maybe tying a Broadway musical to its soundtrack album (or viceversa, making a play out of an album) also sounds like an interesting idea. All of this, obviously, if she absolutely must go down that route.
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  8. RMK


    She's in such high demand with big production films that she'll probably only go the Broadway route when she needs a pivot or ends up writing a musical like she talked about. She's getting $10 million for the Joker movie, and that's not Broadway money. You've gotta move where the iron's hot.
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  9. I still want her to star in The Nanny musical or whatever.
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  10. I definitely don't think it's because they wouldn't pay her enough. She knew there would be intense interest and scrutiny with it being the first Broadway revival of Funny Girl and it would be a good chance to get a Tony nod. COVID delayed the tour for the best and then the timing of things probably clashed.
  11. She might've wanted to avoid yet another role Barbra previously occupied.
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  12. Honestly knowing how much Gaga likes to have control over things I think she will only do Broadway when she actually writes a musical.

    I don't think this is a surprise since we already knew it was coming

    But I believe starting late 2023 would make a lot of sense considering her schedule. Perched to see the inevitable upgrade from Enigma.
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  14. Gaga is a classique musical theatre gal, so she’ll play Mama Rose in a limited run revival of Gypsy in like 5-10 years when she’s ready to snatch a Tony.
  15. I'm still here for this if she's eyeing Broadway soon. A serve and a half.


  16. These looks. I am shaking.
  17. Feels so crazy to me that she’s embraced TikTok lol
  18. The styling is so good, and she is serving. I hope the tour-era confidence transcends Haus Labs, and her relationship with fashion is indicative of how inspired she’s seemed these days.
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