Lady Gaga

I'm not sure if I believe this article though....



But I really hope it's fake. She seemed much happier/healthier in this relationship and it would definitely take a toll on her.
I'm just happy she's kept this particular relationship very lowkey to the public. I think it's helped her a lot to do that. As opposed to like, the fans being like "Daddy Taylor Kinney and Mother Monster 4ever!" and whatever. It's very personal and private and I think that works better for her mental health.
I hope whatever happens in her personal though, she's happy. And I hope the tabloids don't get invasive. Although she isn't really the type to get caught by paparazzi and interrogated on the streets.
Honestly it's real piss off that this thread isn't in the main forum. It's Lady Fucking Gaga - Not Nelly Furtado. There's no need for her main thread to be relegated to the island of misfit toys section of the site.